Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WIP: My 1st Afghan

I decided to start working on an afghan for our living room. I wanted something that goes with the color scheme but I could never find something that I truly liked. So I'm just working on this afghan a little at a time each day... so far I've only done about 6 rows... I like the effect I'm getting with the colors though. Sort of looks like a diamond wave pattern. I'm actually trying to create it a little larger than the afghans I have come across. I like them to be large enough to actually cuddle under... not just cover your legs, ya know? I think this is about 4 feet wide..
I'm using chocolate brown, beige, and sage green yarns :) I'll try to update my progress as I work on the afghan :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Introducing Melonee

I dont know if I mentioned that the former Ms. Head (my 1st handmade mannequin) took a spill a few months back and didn't make it =( She's off to mannequin heaven unfortunatley. However, my bestie found a mannequin and was kind enough to ship her to me =) I'm sure you're probably wondering why I couldn't go out and buy a mannequin here... well I live in the middle of nowhere people! LOL... I searched everywhere for one.... anyway, a big THANK YEE to Ginger for finding Melonee, my new mannequin =) I'm debating on whether I should leave her white as pictured, or spice her up with some decopauge... any suggestions?

Since Melonee is styrofoam HOPEFULLY she will not be as prone to deadly accidents lol. I just thought I would introduce my new employee =) haha! Hoping everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cute Camo Creations

Camouflage seems to be pretty popular these days... at least in my neck of the woods it is. So I thought I would put together a group of a few really cute camo creations to share...

You can go to: to click on each item and see a larger picture & description. You can also leave comments on your thoughts for this treasury. Hope you enjoy!

Cute Camo Mary Jane Slippers

Last night I completed my first pair of mary jane slippers. Aren't they cute? For some reason I'm really on a Camo kick, I guess because its just really popular around here. IDK. This particular pair fits a size 8 womens foot, but they can stretch to fit a size 10 womans foot. I like how stretchy they are. They are super cozy and comfortable. I really like them. I Hope to make more soon. I plan on making them for a mother's day gift for my m-i-l and my mom. I did list these on my shop here: and I am taking request for custom sizes and colors. Email me at or send me an etsy convo if you are interested in ordering a pair.

Happy hump day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I do it, I know you’ve done it, babies do it, kids do it, old people do it, young people do it, Barack Obama does it, even Jesus did it. He probably still does it. Up in Heaven…
It’s not blasphemy. I'm not trying to offend anyone or start some major issue... I'm just saying, it’s truth. If we didn’t pass gas, we’d explode, period. And while letting it escape through the mouth may be a tad more polite and socially acceptable really it’s no better than it passing through the butt, behind, hiney, bum, arse, rump, badonk-a-donk, whatever you wanna call the thing you sit on. Either way the human body is disgusting. I’m not knocking God’s design here, but have you ever really thought about the whole process of how our bodies digest food? It’s gross! I wonder..and whether you believe in the whole creation thing or not, just play along with me here…Adam & Eve are sittin in the garden of Eden, munching on their exotic fruits and veggies and Eve lets one rip. Because we all know that they farted. So Eve farts..a naked fart btw…no fabric to soften the blow..Does Adam get deeply offended? Does he leave the shade of their tree & move to the next? Does he wrinkle his nose & fuss about how gross and nasty she is? I’m leaning towards believing that he thought nothing of it. It was just a part of life. Part of their bodies doing what they were made to do. Or did farts not exist then? Like sin. When they ate that fruit, did farts come into existence just like wasps & maggots?
Anyway, it makes me wonder when farts became so unacceptable. I prefer to think of farts as a funny part of life. I would much rather view those things in life that are gross but necessary as just plain funny. There was a time when Tim and I were dating in high school... we were sitting on the swing outside in the yard, and I let one rip. I was comfortable with Tim, I always have been, but at that moment I couldn't contain it... it sort of just happened. Tim was shocked and was like 'what the heck' the face and his reaction were unforgettable... and my comment to him was 'What, girls fart too!' LOL. And we laughed hysterically for 20 minutes straight because we were both soooo serious with our reactions and comments about farting, but it was funny! Its true... EVERYONE farts lol.
Why not approach it like a child would? Kids always think farts are funny. I can remember when we were teeny tiny babies. Farts were always followed by either surprise, or laughter.So the next time you fart instead of reacting with embarrassment, I think you should approach it with this attitude:

And so ends my very random rant about flantulence =)

WIP: Crocheted Camo Mary Janes

Just thought I would share what I am up to... Aren't Mary Janes so cute?! So far I have finished the actually slipper part but I still need to add the strap and button to the slipper pictured and then make the second. The pattern was soo simple but it did take me a while to work it up the right size. I like how these will fit smaller feet, but stretch for larger feet (like mine lol).... I'll post pictures of the finished product as soon as I'm finished. Its late though so I think I'm going to call it a night... hopefully tomorrow I'll have a pair complete =) Have a great night!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Looking for a Book Club?

Me and my bestie Ginger love reading. We tend to read the same type of books and talk about them alot. We also like to write poetry and things of that nature. Sooo... we thought it would be cool to create a blog specifically for talking about books. We are going to read 1 book per month and discuss it chapter by chapter on the blog. Everyone is welcome to read a long with us and participate in the discussions! The link to the blog is
Follow us and keep track of our discussions. We are re-reading Eclipse for the months of April/May. Just in time for the release of Eclipse in theaters! Hope to see you there!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sharing My Bandana Pattern

I thought I would share the pattern I am using for the Bandana's I have created to donate to the Relay for Life Charity Event in Kingman, AZ on June 5 & 6, that I am participating in through the CreateCrochet Team.

I would love to see your creations w/ this pattern! Do you have a better pattern or a different pattern for bandana's? I would love to try it out! Please share =) If you need any help I will try my best, just send me an email at or comment here.

Happy Crocheting! =)

Bandana Pattern

Skill Level: Easy

You Will Need:
Hook: vary for size
Child 4.5 mm or smaller
Teen/adult: 5 mm or larger (experiment w/ sizing) (I used H-8 5 MM)
Medium Weight Yarn in 2 colors (I used Redheart)
Tapestry Needle

With Color A, Ch. 135

Foundation Row (RS): 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1 sc in each ch to end of ch. Fasten off.

With Main Color & RS of work facing, sk first 31 sc, join yarn with sl st to next sc.

Row 1: Ch 1, 1 sc in same sp, *ch 3, sk next 2 sc, 1 sc in next sc, rep from * 22 times more, ch 1,
sk next 2 sc, 1 dc in next sc. Ch 3, turn.

Row 2: 1 sc in first ch-3 sp, *ch 3, 1 sc in next Ch-3 sp, rep from * across ending with ch 1,
1 dc in last ch-3 sp. Ch 3, turn.

Rep Row 2 until the following row has been worked: "1 sc in first ch-3 sp, ch 1, 1 dc in next ch-3 sp,
ch 1, 1 dc in next ch-3 sp. Ch 3, turn."

Next Row: 1 sc in ch-3 sp. Fasten off.

Outer Edging:
With RS of work facing, join Color A with sl st in same sc where Main Color was joined onto
foundation row. Ch 1, work 2 sc in each hole along diagonal edge of bandana to hole at point,
work 5 sc in hole at point, work 2 sc in each hole along opposite diagonal edge, ch 1, sl st
in last sc where main color was worked onto foundation row. Fasten off.

Weave in loose ends.

Bath Puff Anyone?

Its been a long day & its 1 am soooo I think I'm going to make this blog post short & sweet. I did want to share my newest creation however. Last night I finished up this super soft summer sherbet bath puff. It's a nice size (a little larger than my hand- measurements will come later lol.) I used each of the colors light pink, peach, & yellow from the summer sherbet dishcloths. Because in all honesty, you could use the dishcloths for washcloths as well. They would be perfect for either use. They are thick, absorbent, soft, sturdy & washer/dryer safe.... I just had to share because I like its outcome. I plan on working on potholders next. Then maybe an actual matching bath set, complete w/ bath puff, back scrubbie, wash cloths, & facial scrubbie! Who knows... I may also take a break from those items and try something completely different! LOL. Good night for now...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Help us name our puppy

As I've mentioned before Honey had 3 puppies about 6 weeks ago :) Its time to find them good homes but we decided that we are going to keep this little girl. Isnt she cute? (I know the pic isnt the greatest =( ) I hope to get better pics of her soon. I made a poll on the left -> of names that I found & thought of that I am considering... Please take a sec to vote on the names you think are the cutest & most suitable for this little gal. Also comment here if you think of a different name for her that I havent listed & I'll add it to the poll. Thanks!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cool Shop + giveaway = AWESOME!

Any chance I get, I want to help other shops promote on Etsy. Its an AWESOME venue for creative people to sell their handmade items, but sometimes it can be really challenging to get the sells & promotion ya need. So I follow a website called Everything Etsy that is an EXCELLENT place to see wonderful things other shops are doing. I really enjoy it. I thought I would share the featured shop & the AWESOME giveaway they are offering! I LOVE all the items at SewCuteShop! I think the pjs and the owl onesie are the CUTEST! If you get the chance check out SewCuteShop & Everything Etsy I promise you will be sooo inspired & you wont be sorry!

Friday, April 9, 2010

WIP: Washcloths & bath puff

Whats a WIP? It's a Work In Progress... I just thought I would share my WIP for the week. Aren't those colors fanominal together?! It reminds me of cotton candy or sherbet! The yarn is one of my favorite brands (I know I say this allll the time!) But 'I love this yarn' brand from Hobby Lobby is sooo great. I love the colors, and the softness of it. If you didn't look at the label you would NEVER know that its 100% acrylic yarn. Its just TOO soft! Thats why I decided to use it to make this set. So far I have 1 washcloth finished, and I'm half way finished with the second. Once I finish all the washcloths, I plan on making a bath puff with all of the colors mixed together. I think it will be pretty.... I also learned a new stitch, the crab stitch! I really like the outcome of the stitch too. It makes a really nice corded edging for the washcloths. I'll share pics when everythings finished! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Relay for Life Donations

I've mentioned before that CreateCrochet is hosting a Relay for life Charity event. I finished 2 bandana's for the event... I am thinking of creating 1 more but havent decided the color scheme yet.

I took some better photo's of the 2 bandana's that I have made so far. Both are using Redheart Acrylic yarns.

Blue & Yellow


I also made a blue & white beanie. Its my first time crocheting a beanie but I was pretty happy with the turn out. Funny, I never realized that the colors are Duke Blue Devils colors until my hubby pointed it out today LOL. Go figure! =)

Excited to be featured!

A fellow CreateCrochet team member featured my laptop sleeve on her blog w/ some really awesome items from other fellow team members! I am sooo happy and excited to have been one of the featured creators! YAY! What a great way to start off the weekend! Yippee!

Check out her blog here:

The items featured are GORGEOUS! TGIF!~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Turquoise Treasures

I got a treasury west tonight on Etsy! I'm sooo excited!!!! I decided to do my favorite Turquoise items. To view the treasury and leave your comments you can go here:
I thought I would share my favorite items here as well, there's actually more here than I could put on the treasury and I couldn't share my item which is the laptop sleeve in turquoise & espresso! I hope you enjoy! Would love to hear your thoughts!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

BTW- if you click the treasury link above that I shared it will move my treasury up further in the listings. The more clicks the better! THANKS!

FB Fan Giveaway

I have 62 fans on Facebook now and as promised I'm having a giveaway! Sooooo I assigned each fan on facebook a number, then I went to and I entered 62 as the maximum number value.... The number chosen was 41 and so the person assigned to this number is Mary Linker Wagner! Mary has 24 hours to contact me about the giveaway. If I dont hear from her then I will chose someone else.

Whats the prize you ask? Mary gets to go to the shop and choose 1 item that is currently for sale. I will then make her an item just like it in her choice of color(s) for free =) I'm soooo excited to have 62 fans! YAY! Thanks to everyone who is following and supporting me and my shop! Much Love to you all!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My heart goes out to them...

I thought I would share this news report because its a sad week here in Southern, WV. This happened really close to where Tim works, and Tim knew a few of the people who lost their lives in this disaster so its got him sad and shaken up. I want to thank everyone who has called or emailed etc to ask if Tim is doing ok. Our thoughts & prayers go out to all of those involved in this tragedy, we are so sorry for your loss!

MONTCOAL, W.Va. - A day after a deadly blast killed at least 25 miners, crews on Tuesday began drilling into the underground mine in order to vent dangerous gas and eventually enter in search of four missing miners.
But Gov. Joe Manchin said it could be Wednesday afternoon before much progress is made.
"I don't want to give anybody any false hope, but by golly, if I'm on that side of the table, and that's my father or my brother or my uncle or my cousins, I'm going to have hope," he said.

Officials said the missing miners might have been able to reach airtight chambers stocked with food, water and enough oxygen for four days. But rescue teams checked one of two chambers nearby, and it was empty. On Monday, the buildup of gases prevented them from reaching other chambers.

On Tuesday, bulldozers carved an access road to make way for drilling crews, who plan to dig four shafts to vent methane, a highly combustible gas that accumulates naturally in coal mines, and carbon monoxide from the blast site about 1,200 feet beneath the surface.
"The odds are long against us, it's tough," Manchin said earlier on NBC's TODAY Show.

All we have left is hope, and we're going to continue to do what we can," added Kevin Stricklin, an administrator for the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration. "But I'm just trying to be honest with everybody and say that the situation does look dire."
The huge underground explosion Monday afternoon instantly killed 25 coal miners at Massey Energy Co.'s Upper Big Branch mine — the worst U.S. mining disaster since 1984.
"Before you knew it, it was just like your ears stopped up, you couldn't hear and the next thing you know, it's just like you're just right in the middle of a tornado," miner Steve Smith, who heard the explosion but was able to escape, told ABC's "Good Morning America."
The mine, located about 30 miles south of Charleston, has a history of violations for not properly ventilating the highly combustible methane, safety officials said.

At least two survivors

Two miners who were on a vehicle taking them out of the shaft survived the blast, Manchin said. The other seven miners on the vehicle died, he said.

April 6: NBC's Ron Mott reports on the efforts to find any survivors.
Today showA statement on the Massey's Web site confirmed that two miners were taken to hospitals.
According to rescue workers, the force of the explosion was so great that some railroad tracks were "twisted like pretzels," Manchin said.
President Barack Obama offered his condolences at an Easter prayer breakfast in Washington on Tuesday and said the federal government is ready to assist with whatever the state needs.
He asked those in the audience to pray for "those who have been lost in this tragic accident" and said he hopes their families can "find comfort in the hard days ahead."


Stricklin said officials had hoped some of the missing survived the initial blast Monday afternoon and were able to reach airtight chambers stocked with food, water and enough oxygen for them to live for four days. However, rescue teams checked one of two nearby and it was empty. The buildup of toxic methane gas — a constant problem at the mine — and of carbon monoxide prevented teams from reaching other chambers, officials said.
A total of 29 miners were in the area during a shift change when the blast happened, Stricklin said. Some may have died in the blast and others when they breathed in the gas-filled air, he said.
"Everybody's just heartbroken over this and the impact on these families," said mine safety director Joe Main, who planned to go to West Virginia.
It is the largest number of people killed in a U.S. mine since 1984, when 27 died in a fire at a mine in Orangeville, Utah. If the four missing bring the total to 29, it would be the most killed in a U.S. mine since a 1972 fire killed 91 in Kellogg, Idaho.
After a record low 34 deaths last year, Main said he and others believed coal mining had turned the corner on preventing fatal accidents.
"There's always danger. There's so many ways you can get hurt, or your life taken," said Gary Williams, a miner and pastor of a church near the southern West Virginia mine. "It's not something you dread every day, but there's always that danger. But for this area, it's the only way you're going to make a living."

Massey criticized by families

Some grieving relatives were angry because they found out their loved ones were among the dead from government officials or a company Web site, not from Massey Energy executives.
"They're supposed to be a big company," said Michelle McKinney, who found out from a local official at a nearby school that her 62-year-old father, Benny Willingham, died in the blast. "These guys, they took a chance every day to work and make them big. And they couldn't even call us."

McKinney said her husband is a miner too and her 16-year-old son doesn't want him to go back to work.
Willingham, who had mined for 30 years, the last 17 with Massey, was just five weeks from retiring and planned to take his wife on a cruise to the Virgin Islands next month.
Three members of the same family were also among the dead. Diana Davis said her husband, Timmy Davis, 51, died in the explosion along with his nephews, Josh Napper, 27, and Cory Davis, 20.
The elder Davis' son, Timmy Davis Jr., said his brother, Cody Davis, and an uncle, Tommy Davis, were also at the mine at the time and survived the blast. He said his brother was taking it particularly hard because he and their father were best friends.
Timmy Davis Jr. described his dad as passionate about the outdoors and the mines.
"He loved to work underground," the younger Davis said. "He loved that place."
"The families want closure," Gov. Manchin said at an earlier press conference. "They want names ... these families are good people. Hard working people. They understand the challenges. Right now I told them to do what they do best. Love each other and come together as a family."
He said some families were hoping for a miracle, and pointed to the 2006 Sago Mine explosion. Crews found miner Randal McCloy Jr. alive after he was trapped for more than 40 hours in atmosphere poisoned with carbon monoxide.
Massey Energy, a publicly traded company based in Richmond, Va., has 2.2 billion tons of coal reserves in southern West Virginia, eastern Kentucky, southwest Virginia and Tennessee. It ranks among the nation's top five coal producers and is among the industry's most profitable.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Charity Kerchiefs

I am one of many participating in a Charity Crochet event in the CreateCrochet Team on Etsy. Everyone participating is sending their items to Kingman, AZ where there is going to be a Relay for Life on the weekend of June 5-6, 2010. The items will be sold there & 100% of the proceeds will be donated. I was going to crochet a few chemo caps as my donation BUT I'm really not that good at making them... sooo... I decided to try making these cool kerchiefs. So far I've made 2. This one is in Blue and Yellow, and the other is in Pinks but I havent photographed it just yet. I think I may make a few more, and possibly TRY to crochet a Chemo Cap. I'm excited to be able to participate and help out with this! I'm sure they will be posting on the team blog the items being sold for this event so please check out often.