Sunday, January 30, 2011

Twilight Love

I call this one 'Twilight Love' simply because A. I couldn't think of another title, and B. I thought it was suitable since they obviously do love one another, and that started with Twilight.
Can you tell that I am enjoying the heart motif around my drawings lol. I just enjoy the way it looks, and it seems pretty suitable for the upcoming occassion. I think my favorite part would be the facial expressions. I really enjoy the chemistry between these two, whether it be in the films or not, they just have that vibe together. Its nice. Ok enough rambling... I need to sleep sometime or I'll be drawing stick figures lol. Good night!

With Love,

Total Eclipse of the Heart

I am dieing for Breaking Dawn to come out already, and soo bummed that we have to wait until the fall!!! So I guess you could say I'm going through withdrawls hahaha. Anyway, I've been bitten by the Valentine Love bug and decided to do a few drawings of my favorite series... this is the first drawing I created. I call it 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'. Its going to go nicely in my Studio, as soon as I figure out where. ha! I think my favorite part of this one is the detail in the fabric's of their clothing, and the ribbon around the heart!
I hope you enjoy, I'm super proud of it myself! I was actually going through a little stage in the past few weeks thinking that I actually lost my touch in drawing. That would really really be bad because realistic pencil drawing is what I do best. It's my 'thing'. I have a lot of 'things' but thats the one thing that I've always been good at, and I don't want to lose it. My hubby laughed at me and told me I was crazy... maybe I am. ha! This was a breath of fresh air for me... helped me realize that I haven't lost it, I just needed to work out the kinks, shake of the rust in the old fingers and get to work. LOL.  

With Love,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fuzzy Funky Zebra Frame

Today I put together this really snazzy picture frame for my neice CJ. I really love the fuzzy texture of the paper, and the green and purple glitter really seem to jazz it up. The frame holds a 4x6 picture and it can stand vertically or horizontally (which is always a plus for me, I love having that option with my frames.) I am considering offering these in my shop. If anyone is interested please let me know. Thanks so much for visiting! Happy Creating!  

With Love,


My Zoe Zoe
Today was a normal day until our dog Zoey didn't come home. You see we live on a hill in the woods. So every single morning when I wake up (usually around 8:30 or 9) I let the pooches out to do their business, run, frolic, what ever... They always spend about an hour outside, running in the woods, exploring and what have you, then they come home -always together. Today didn't happen that way. For what ever reason they decided to stay outside in the snow longer. Sadie was laying on the porch and decided she wanted to come inside at around 1 pm, but there was no Zoey in sight. I thought for sure that she would turn up eventually because she can't be too far away from her partner in crime for very long. I waited and waited, walked around the yard yelling for her, whistling, and she never showed. When the sun went down, the temperature dropped very quickly, and the snow on the ground didn't help matters. I began to panic. My throat is killing me tonight from yelling and whistling for her. At around 8, I called my husband at work and he started to worry as well. He called me about every half hour wondering if she had made it home yet. Still no Zoey. I would have been happy to hike up in the woods for her, but #1 I live on the side of a mountain... #2 there's a ton of snow on the ground and #3 I'm honestly too afraid. At 11 my husband told me he was coming home. He drove 2 hours home from work to help me search for Zoey. He took Sadie with him and they both went hiking in the woods at 1 am. He went as far as he possibly could, until he started hearing growling and he said he felt like something was watching & surrounding him. No doubt the coyote pack that has decided to take up residence here, or the black bear that we've noticed a few times. Nonetheless it freaked him out and he didnt want to chance it because he had no weapon to protect himself. So he headed back home. There was no trace of Zoey. He couldnt find any of her tracks, there was no blood or anything as a sign of a struggle... there was nothing. It is hunting season, and our woods are teaming w/ the prize... so Tim is considering that maybe one of the hunters found her and took her home. I feel if that were the case they would have called us though, because she does have a tag with her name and our number. And of course, we've not heard anything from anyone. Tonight there's nothing more we can do, besides worry about poor Zoey and pray that she's ok. Tomorrow morning the search begans a new... I am praying we find her, but honestly the chances are slim to none because a. the forest goes on and on here and she could be anywhere by now if she got lost. and b. if someone did take her, they would have called, if not they honestly had no intentions and we will probably never see her again.

This is the saddest night for me, because I love Zoey sooo much. I helped our dog Honey give birth to Zoey. I literally held her in my hands when she took her first breath. She's my ZoeZoe and I miss her soooo much already. I don't know what I'm going to do....

With Love,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things that make me smile

I decided to look for idea's to help make my blog more interesting. Blog topics I could write about etc. and my friend Ginger told me about JournalingPrompts. Today's prompt is to list things that make me smile.

So here goes....

1. My husband...Waking up beside of my husband. Every morning when I wake up, I turn over and look at my husband. Just seeing him there, sleeping peacefully beside me, makes me smiles. My husband is a very silly and entertaining person to be around. The atmosphere of any room that he is in is always a positive, cheerful, and comical one. He makes me smile, and laugh every single day. Its one of the main things that made me fall in love with him.

2. My Pets... I love animals, I always have. In my opinion anyone who says that an animal has no soul has not really had a loyal pet that they love. Every one of my pets are special, and have their own unique personalities, moods, and behaviors. For instance: Honey is an old girl, she loves to lay beside me and have her head rubbed... her personality has calmed as she has aged and now she just enjoys the lazy life. Zoey on the other hand is hyper and moody. If she's sleeping, do not disturb or she'll growl at you. lol. She loves her beauty sleep. Sadie is a shy girl. She minds her own business but loves to please. She would do anything for a belly rub. She loves playing football with my husband and couldnt be a more laid back dog. Finally we have PeeWee, the new addition to the gang. He's young and spunky, but my husband would say SPOILED ROTTEN (compliments of me! ha!) He loves to snuggle under a blanket, and play. He likes to prance around and dance for anyone who has a treat. He dislikes the cold, and the rain tremendously and will do anything not to go out in it. All of my animals have a soul. They have moods, and if they could talk Im sure we would have A LOT to listen too. Just saying!

3. Memories with my family... There as some crazy stories that I could tell of things that have happened in our family, good and bad. The good balances out the bad I think, I realize that now after growing up a little. I can't help but smile and laugh when I think of some of those special, priceless memories.. the memories only me and my family could possibly understand or think is funny... those are the good ones!

4. My sister and my aunt... We've had some quarrels in the past... some doozies, let me just say. But we've always come back to one another as close friends/family. My sister and my aunt are two special people in my life right now, and I don't know what I would do without them to listen to my insensent babbling on a daily basis. lol.

5. My best friend (you know who you are)... you have been there for me through some good times and all of the bad. We have some priceless memories ourselves... and hours and hours of talking. When I had no one else other than my husband, you were there. Our friendship means the world to me.

6. My nephews & neice... In a time when we are so troubled with conceiving you all are so special to me. We would do anything for each of you and love you more each and every day. I have the most handsome nephews, and beautiful neice on this planet (yeah Im biased). Seeing your pictures and hearing about how you are doing always brings a smile to my face.

7. My Grandparents...  They raised me. When I think of them I think of them as my parents, because they cared enough to take care of me and my siblings, basically our entire lives. They were always taking up the slack of our parents and dealing with the negativity that ensued from them. They have worked hard their whole lives, and sacrificed so much just to make sure us kids had some kind of a life. I realize now just how very lucky I am to have them because with out them, I don't know where I would be, or what kind of mess I would be in. I have the upmost love and respect for my Paw and Maw, and would do anything in my power for them.

8. My in-laws.... Most inlaw relationships are negative ones, but I have to say my relationship with my inlaws has been something special. They really have taken the place of my parents when mine couldn't /wouldn't step up and be parents. They've always been supportive and as helpful as they possibly can be and they love their son with every ounce of their being. Seeing their love and devotion for one another as a family is something special to me, because I never got that from my parents.

9. Butterflies... They remind me of freedom, beauty, and transformation each time I see one. They are so graceful, and lovely, delicate, and peaceful. The idea of something transforming from being so drab to so gorgeous has always been popular in the world, and in my eyes its what I hope has happened to me in my life. I could only inspire to be like a butterfly in life. Start out life in a difficult, ugly way... and transform into a beautiful, graceful woman. Not in a physical manner, but more so in the way I live my life and my personality...

10. The final and most important of all on my list. The promise of salvation through Jesus Christ.... I can only smile knowing that one day I will be in a better place with all of my loved ones because I love and accept Jesus Christ as my savior. Thats the biggest blessing of this world.

I think I have rambled enough, but thats my list of the most important things in my life that make me smile. Whats on your list?

With Love,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Violet Stripes Crocheted Pot Holder & More....

Today I added a new item to my shop. Its this Violet Stripes Pot Holder. Measuring 8.5 inches square, this potholder is made from "Sugar-n-Cream" 100% cotton yarn in Violet Stripes. It is double layered which makes it super thick, durable and easy to use. It has a traditional hanging loop with a decorative white button. This potholder would be perfect for anyone's kitchen! Especially those that are looking to jazz their kitchen up with a splash of vibrant colors! They are washer & dryer safe!

Price: $4.50

I am taking orders for these pot holders in any color choice. If you are interested in ordering, please visit Cre8tiveCre8tionz or email me directly at

K. Enough with the advertisement lol. I've been working hard on my shop's website and I think I can finally say that I have it the way I would like it for Valentines Day. =) I decided to join ArtFire to help sell my items. Its sort of like Etsy, but I think I will like it more so then Etsy... at least I hope so. I am pretty much starting from scratch with everything, new items, new look, new everything =)

I'm really glad to be out of the funky funk that I have been in lately. I haven't been creating much because I havent felt like it, if you've read previous posts I was to the point of giving it up all together. I'm glad I have snapped out of it and have been bitten by the creative bug again! =)

I haven't mentioned it yet but me, my mother-in-law, sister, aunt, and best friend have all joined forces to create a blog called Opinionated Women. On the site we write reviews for books, movies, television shows, and products. We share our opinions on lots of things, and we even talk about upcoming events we are looking forward too. So far its been really fun, and we've all put alot of input up on various movies, books, and television shows. If you get the chance check it out, and put in your 2 cents, we'd love to hear it!

Thats all for now! Thanks for visiting!

With Love,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An interesting coincidence?

Could this be just a coincidence, or is there really something to horoscopes? Its just really odd that this particular horoscope pretty much responds to my previous blog post about throwing in the towel...

Even if you think that your chance of succeeding at a certain dream is slim, you need to change your way of thinking about it. A slim chance is certainly better than no chance at all, isn't it, Aries? If you reach for that slim chance, it immediately becomes bigger once you've grasped it. Then, when it's in your hands, you have the power to make your chance bigger and bigger, to make connections, to open doors. Think of the all of the wonderful possibilities. Don't think about the barriers, or the difficulties. You can achieve what you want.

With Love,

p.s I had to share this garfield pic cuz I thought it was hilarious. =)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Throwing in the towel?

I'm really considering giving up this online business thing.... I don't think folks realize (or care) about how much time and energy I put into it. I work REALLY hard on everything I create, and then spend even more time on the website and all the advertisements etc. Its not easy. I feel like only a small handful of people take notice and care... and those are my closest friends & family. Everyone else could care less. I suppose the economy doesn't help things because people don't have the excess money to waste on handmade trinkets, crochet items, and artwork when they can be spending the money of food for the table and I totally understand that... So the question is, is it worth it? Is it worth all the time, aggravation, and being ignored? Should I just go back to creating when I feel like it... and only for myself and my friends and family? Or should I get over it and not give up? Will things get better, and more active, or am I fighting a losing battle?

I think that I'm leaning towards throwing in the towel at the moment. I'm really considering just creating to make myself happy as a hobby and lose all the excess stress of it all. I love drawing and painting, crocheting etc. Its who I am and who I've always been....

My best friend said that maybe I would be happier doing it because I want to and not as a business.... maybe she's right.  My minds sort of all mushed up with thoughts, questions, doubts, and concerns... it feels like the angel on one shoulder, and the demon on the other whispering in my ear.. ya know? Anyone got any advice?

With Love, the oober confused,

Friday, January 14, 2011

I would die for that...

Over at Real Life Reslers she posted a touching blog entry about her struggles with PCOS and shared this video. I had to share this because like Trinity, we are also struggling with having a baby. We have been trying since 2003 and it seems to be getting harder and harder each month that nothing happens. I constantly have conflicting thoughts about how unfair it is that children are born every single day that no one wants, or that are neglected or abused by their parents. I know that its in God's hands, but its so unfair. This song and video literally made me cry like a baby, and sort of brought me down a little tonight because its making me think about the time ticking away, and wanting answers as to why this is happening to us....

Anyway, I just wanted to share this video, and for anyone who is also struggling with this issue, know that you're not alone. I know just how you must be feeling, and I'm there to support anyone who is in need of it.

With Love,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Had to share...

I had to share this gorgeous video that I saw today via YouTube. I really loved it and couldn't bare not to share it! Enjoy!

With Love,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Silence- no more!

Its really hard to believe that I haven't updated my blog since the summer! So much has happened since my last blog posting... more than I care to talk about to be honest. I'm desperatley and impatiently waiting for spring to arrive. Unfortunatley we have a while to go. BLEH! I haven't had the internet for several months and due to that fact and other conflicting issues Ande's Attic was closed. I am working hard to get my new shop up and running but its going to take some time to get everything together. I have the basics accomplished, now I need to take all of the photographs of my inventory, and list everything. Plus work on new inventory. For a while I was considering donating all of my inventory and starting over from scratch. Its still a possibility, one that I will decide on as I go through my inventory in the next couple of days. My sister has agreed to model new creations for me, which will be awesome! She's such a beautiful lady and gifted at taking gorgeous photographs. The only issue: distance! She lives on the west coast! OY VEH! I'll most likely be shipping her items on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. I am also interested in doing photography props for children's photo's. I of course have no children soooo I am searching for photographers that are interested in getting free merchandise in exchange for beautiful photographs of children wearing my creations. If anyone is interested please let me know.

Work aside, life is dealing us a pretty normal hand. The winter weather has been insane, and as I type this I am bundled in a blanket because it is frigid here! We are supposed to be getting more snow for the next few days, and I am not looking forward to it. I love snow, its beautiful... but when you see it almost every day, for the entire winter it gets really old and a little annoying. Especially considering the fact that my husband travels a good distance to work daily and has to drive in the mess. Plus the fact that I have to clean up after my messy pooches every single time they go outside because they roll and play in the snow and come inside tracking it and mud everywhere. I guess it comes with the territory, eh? =)

The holidays were nice and quiet, and our family enjoyed our time together. It comes few and far between. We planned to visit all of our family in North Carolina for New Years but wasn't able to do so because of finances and Tim's crazy work schedule. Hopefully I will get there soon, because I really miss everyone.

Well thats a little update from me. I PROMISE that I will be updating this blog frequently now that things are getting back into the swing of things for us. I'm looking forward to a creative 2011! To all of you loyal followers, THANK YOU for sticking with me during the long silence!

With Love,