Monday, April 26, 2010

Introducing Melonee

I dont know if I mentioned that the former Ms. Head (my 1st handmade mannequin) took a spill a few months back and didn't make it =( She's off to mannequin heaven unfortunatley. However, my bestie found a mannequin and was kind enough to ship her to me =) I'm sure you're probably wondering why I couldn't go out and buy a mannequin here... well I live in the middle of nowhere people! LOL... I searched everywhere for one.... anyway, a big THANK YEE to Ginger for finding Melonee, my new mannequin =) I'm debating on whether I should leave her white as pictured, or spice her up with some decopauge... any suggestions?

Since Melonee is styrofoam HOPEFULLY she will not be as prone to deadly accidents lol. I just thought I would introduce my new employee =) haha! Hoping everyone had a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

What up Melonee!!! Welcome to the fam. :) Heehee. Oh and you're more than welcome Ande!