Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Snowball Fight Video

My goofy sister put together this funny jibjab video for the holidays that is just hilarious. I just had to share it .lol. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Introducing my Godson!

Its official! Im an Aunt and a Godmother =D On December 12, 2009 at 1:47 am, Adam Christopher was born! He weighed 6 lbs 5 oz and was 21 inches long. My brother and sister in law had the happiest day of their lifes that day and I was so blessed to be able to be there with them! It was truly love at first sight =)

Chris and Cheryl made Tim and I his Godparents, which is the ultimate Christmas gift! We are sooo honored and are totally in loved with the little man!

I wanted to take the time to introduce him and share some of the great pics of him that I have so far! This is a new road on my journey in life.... so you will probably see TONS of pictures of this little man here, along with stories etc. I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Here... again

Its been a long while, and I dont really know what to say... I used to blog here consistantly... I used to make cards, and atc's, tags and scrapbook pages and some how I let all of that go and focused all of my attention on my shop, knitting and crocheting. I havent drawn or painted anything in what seems like years... until a few days ago.

My brother, his fiance and their son are coming up for Thanksgiving! It will be the first time since our move to WV that any of my family has visited, so I am super excited! I havent seen them in a few years too, soo you can imagine! I just know we are going to have fun, just hanging out, enjoying each other's company, taking lots of pictures and sightseeing!

I decided I wanted to go ahead and give them their gifts for Christmas while I had the chance in person, that way I dont really have to worry about shipping and if the items would make it safely and things like that. So I got out all of my drawing supplies and for the first time in months I drew!

My brother loves Tigers, so I drew him a Bengal tiger.... and his fiance loves wrestling and her favorite wrestler is Jeff Hardy, so I drew her a picture of Jeff Hardy.... I like how they turned out, of course photos never do artwork of any kind any justice.... so they look more vibrant in person :) I really hope they love their pictures =]

I rejoined Scrapbooking & Crafting Friends, and I plan on working on some paper arts in the near future... before I really get tired of knitting and crocheting and never want to pick it up again lol. I love doing it, but when you have done it every single day for the 6 or more months... sometimes you just get tired. ya know? Hopefully I will be blogging here more frequently. I am going to update everything today and will be posting my new creations, including knitting and crochet items when they are created. I'm also going to try to put in a little of my everyday life here as well, like I used to.... Im sorry I abandoned my friends like I did... life just got in the way and I miss you guys so very much!

Wishing everyone a very blessed Thanksgiving!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Tutorial, Exciting News, new items....

Good Afternoon everyone! We had some exciting news this morning. My new crochet Ski/Hunting Mask that I just added to the shop yesterday morning was featured on etsy gift guides!!!! Talk about exciting stuff! I never thought it would be featured but Im so thankful and pleased! You can check it out at
We wrote a new tutorial this afternoon for how to make your own paper mache mannequin. It was fun to make and its pretty simple. You can check that out at our shop blog
We've added a few new items to the shop the last couple of days.....

Crochet Ski/hunting Mask

(this comes in 2 styles, with just the eye hole, or with the eye and mouth hole and it can be made in any color and in 2 sizes... Adult, or Child)

Price: $15.00 + shipping

Small Knitted Pet Sweater

(this comes in different sizes, and color choices and would be perfect for your dog, cat, or other pets)

Price: $12.00 + shipping

Knitted Infant Santa Stocking Cap

(This cap comes in different sizes, and colors as well)

Price: $8.00 + Shipping

Hooty Owl Crochet Bookmarks

(comes in different color choices)

Price: $5.00 + shipping

Crochet Doilies

(comes in different color choices)
Price: $5.00 + shipping

Large Knitted Christmas Stocking

(can be made in different colors)

Price: $ 15.00 + shipping

We are working on new items to add by this weekend (we hope!) I'm making some more handpainted primitive signs for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and also some more pet sweaters, we are also working on more hunting/ski masks in other colors, as well as a Baby Snuggle Sack... Stay tuned there's lots more to come!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crochet Hunting/Ski Mask

I spent the majority of today writing my own pattern and crocheting this hunting/ski mask for Homespun Creations.

I found a pattern online for the base of my pattern, but it was for an infant. It would not work at all for the adult men's mask I aimed to create. Infact when I created the mask using the pattern alot of it was wrong and it just didnt look like it should. Soooo... after writing the pattern out myself once and crocheting the mask and miserably failing because it was super gigantic and could probably fit an elephants head... lol... I had to take it all apart and rewrite the pattern again, recalculating everything.

Finally on the second try it turned out like you see. It was actually a challenge but a fun one. I am really pleased with the finished product. I'm going to be taking custom orders for these masks in any colors... soooo if you are interested please comment here or email me at or the shop at ....

You can visit the shop any time to check out all the goodies we have to offer. Tomorrow morning we will be adding Christmas Stocking caps, and doggie sweaters! We will be taking custom orders for those also! Its been a busy but super fun month for us! Hope everyone has a nice night... its 2 am and Im beat!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Apple Butter Anyone?

Its the time of year for homemade apple butter! Each Year our Church gets together outside on the weekend and makes Homemade canned apple butter together to raise money to help with our Christmas food baskets that go to families in the community that need help.

We are always taking orders for the apple butter.

If anyone would like to place an order please comment here or email me at

We have Regular and Sugar free

The Prices are $6.50 a quart or $4 dollars a pint
and shipping will be determined once the orders are placed.

Happy Fall yall!


The official New Moon Soundtrack

I'm really Excited for the next installment of the Twilight Series! I wish November 21 would get here already! Here's the list of the official songs for the Soundtrack... havent heard of over 1/2 of these groups but the music sounds pretty good so far.... I added a few to my playlist but a lot of em are really hard to find!















Sunday, October 4, 2009

HEY remember me?

I really need to make an effort to blog more often here like I used to. I have had so much going on though that it makes it almost impossible some times. The shop is doing pretty well and keeps me really busy. I'm actually amazed at just how well we are doing. We are currently working on a custom order for 2 knitted baby blankets one in baby blue and one in baby pink. Yesterday we took another trip to Michaels to get supplies. Its the 3rd trip we've made this week! LOL. You might think 'big deal' but for us it is because Michaels is about an hour drive from our home. We usually only go once or twice a month! LoL. I finally got a set of Looms to work with. Im really excited about that! Now I'm going to be a loomin fool this fall/winter! Hee hee! I've already gotten into knitting and crocheting like crazy. I think I spend more time on those things then I do on any of the other crafts I enjoy!

I was excited to sell my painting 'Through the Mists' this week too! That was a happy surprise for me! It was just a spur of the moment sort of painting that I had an urge to do. I didnt even know that was what I was painting until I sat down with my supplies and started. lol. I really need to start painting again. I have ookoo-bootles of prim signs to make for the shop that I have been planning on do for months it seems! Its so hard to believe that its already October!!!

My husband is joining the Army. Its something he really wants and I support him 110%! Folks keep asking me if Im ok, and if Im sure this is something I can handle and things like that. They sort of look at me like Im insane when I say that Im fine and I am happy with Tim's decision because honestly how can you be happy with that sort of decision... Here's my answer:

Tim know's what he wants. He wants to make something of himself. He wants to make a difference in some sort of way. He's a very patriotic person and he wants to show that. I am his wife. I love him more than anyone could know, and part of my job as a wife is to support him and his decisions. Does it scare me, yes it does. But I trust him, and I know he can do this. I'm a strong person, I've been through ALOT in my life. I will miss him more than I can even explain when he's away... but my pride for him and my love for him will keep me going. Choosing a job like this is a life changing decision and I am VERY proud of my husband for even deciding to take a step like this in his life. It takes a real man to want to do a job like this. I may sound insane but this is what makes me happy about his decision.

He had a little snaffoo when he went for his physical and things. They had a record of Tim having bronchitis in his childhood, so they require him to get them medical records showing that it didnt give any damage to him, and he didnt acquire asthma or anything... those records are 10 years old and in North Carolina, sooo... he has to get those records and turn them in then finish all of his stuff. Hopefully on October 30th he will be heading to Arkansas for 5 weeks. Im happy to have him for the rest of this month! Things always happen for a reason.

Welll..... Im not getting any baby blankets knitted this way so I should close for now. I will try and update more often, at least weekly if I can.

Hope all are doing well!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Been Busy, shop updates!

We've added many new items to the shop this week, and we are also working on more! Today we will be posting 8 NEW items! A fine art drawing, 6 sets of stitch markers for knitting and crocheting, and another cool little handpainted wood sign. I've got so much to post and catch up on its insane! I havent been here in ages it seems.
We have a blog for the shop
and we are also on Facebook, you can become a fan of the shop there, just type HomespunCreations in the search bar and you'll find us!
We made a treasury of all of our favorite Halloween Creations on Etsy as well... Check it out, you wont be disappointed. There's a variety of items. You can leave comments on the treasury too, it stays open until Monday. The link to our Witches Brew treasury is...
I've also been working on a knitted baby blanket for my brother's baby Adam. He is due on Dec. 14th and we are all sooo excited! I will be a first time Aunt and my brother has asked me and Tim to be Adam's Godparents, so I am super humbled and doubly excited to meet the little guy! I will have to post pics of the ultrasounds they sent me and share pics of the blanket and things. Its only taken me 2 weeks to do 1 panel lol. I have 2 more panels to go, and finished panel 1 at 1 am last night haha. Good thing I have time huh? Im just so excited! I want to make a complete set of booties, a blanket, a hat, and maybe mittens or something for him since he will be here in the winter.
I have some other things to share that I've created and been doing for the months that I've been away. I will try my best to post all of the new things soon. I just wanted to share a little of whats been going on. Hope everyone's doing well!


Monday, June 22, 2009

I've been tagged

I was tagged by Kim at Tabby's Place to list 6 uninteresting things about myself and then tag 6 of my other blog friends. So here we go. . .

1. I love to play video games from time to time. I wish we had an old nintendo or something so I could play mario brothers, tetris, and frogger. I love those games.

2. I am a movie junkie! I will watch any movie at least 1 time, because its new and something different. I am also known to watch movies I own over and over again. Whats the point of buying them if you dont watch them more than once?

3. I never go anywhere without makeup on. It would have to be serious for me not to. I've always been that way since I was 15 and started wearing makeup, I dunno why.

4. I am a country girl through and through. I love country cooking, country food, country accents, country living etc.... You can take the girl out of the country but you cant take the country outta the girl. ;)

5. I can pick things up with my feet & toes. I know its kinda monkey-ish right? lol.

6. I hate bridges, planes, and boats. I will not get in a plane or a boat, and you hardly ever see me on a bridge and liking it. lol.

Bored yet? LOL

And I am tagging.... Ginger, Jeanette, Deana, Sara, Margie, ShellyRae Wood


Monday, June 8, 2009

This is Ridiculous!

Ok why does there always have to be some sort of excuse to bring racism out in some sort of controversy? Now it has to happen because disney decided to make a black princess... really?!? Apparently people feel that the world doesnt need a black princess, and oh my goodness the prince is what?! HE'S WHITE! Oh geeze how can you dare show kids something like that? Come on people its 2009, get over it already! Others are just mad at the fact that disney still has princesses period. Can you believe that people are wanting to get rid of disney princesses because they are not educational and apparently make girls believe thats how they should be.. blah blah blah. Im sorry but I grew up with Aladdin and Jasmine, Ariel, and Cinderella. THEY ARE CLASSIC STORIES! They give young girls hope for a prince charming and love,and they do teach lessons in their stories... but most of all they are fun and its a part of being a kid. Im so tired of people trying to make their babies genious's and they cant enjoy their childhood. Its not fair in my opinion. We're not raising unemotional robots here people, they are children... something you were at one time! Who cares if the princess is black... my gosh, what a ignorant argument to make. I personally think it looks like a cute movie. I say leave it alone, LEAVE RACE out of it, and let kids watch their cartoons, and play in the dirt! Dang lol.

Here's the trailer to the movie:

Doesn't this look really cute to you?? I think it'll be great and just another classic to add to the vault =)


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Listen to the Music ATC

This week at Altered Designs the TGIF Challenge was Phone Book: Use something from the phone book in your creations... This weekends new challenge for Weekend Crafters is Listen to the Music. And so this is what I created for both challenges....

The base of the card was printed sheet music. I then took my handy colored pencils and colored it with pink, blue, green, and yellow blending the colors as I went. The image is from a swap I received from a friend so Im not sure where it is from. =( I used some of the white pages in different areas of the background from the phone book. Musick was the name I found. I didnt see anyone with Music as a name. sighs. but it works all the same =) The piano in the top corner is from the yellow pages. I just colored it a brighter yellow to match with the background. The Blue is actually grungeboard that I wrote Listen on with a Sharpee. I edged everything with a black sharpee. =)

Head over to Weekend Crafters and join in the challenge fun! Thanks for looking! Have a happy weekend all!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekend Crafters: Pink & Green

This week's Challenge at Weekend Crafters is the color Combo: Pink and Green.

Since I wasnt able to participate in the Mygrafico challenge there for last week, I thought I would put the 2 challenges together. So I used 2 digital stamps from the Playful Pals set from MyGrafico, and lots of pink & green for this card. I colored the cat with colored pencil. There's a lot of sewing on this card as well. The center of the flower, the leaf, and the edges around the cat have glitter on them. It was fun doing this challenge. Pink & Green were the colors I used for my wedding Aug. 2nd 2003. =) It was fun working with them. I cant wait to see what everyone else is going to create!

The Challenge is open to anyone & can be anything your heart desires!

In other news, My Printer died. =*( My hubby wasnt able to bring it back to life =( Bless his heart, he tried.... but I guess my poor little printer went to printer heaven. We went and got me a new printer though and its working well. Its about time. I have so much stuff that I need to print that has piled up on my computer due to not having a working printer. I'm so glad I can finally get it all caught up now =) Even if it did cost me $50! lol.

I think thats pretty much it for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its been a little while....

I've not been able to be as dedicated to my blogs/artwork and online responsibilities like I wanted after I started my new job. In fact, I was only able to log on maybe once every few days and that was for only a little while. I havent created anything in a while either. Fortunately for me, the job didnt work out. I just didnt like not having time for ANYTHING other than working and sleeping. My relationship with my husband was strained... I mean... we are okay its just we NEVER got to spend time together and when we did, we were so exhausted and grouchy that we didnt want to be near each other for fear of being mean. lol. I just threw in the towel and told them that I couldn't do it. I wasn't happy, Tim wasn't happy and I really really missed my husband, art and art friends!
So.... I'M BACK! Did you miss me?!?! lol.
Because of my absence PAMC suffered =( I wasnt able to spend the time with it that it took to keep it running smoothly and actively. Because of that, among other things such as it being too complicated and over bearing with everything I was trying to do with it... I decided to close it down. However! I did not remove the blog and all of its goodies. Instead, I replaced it with a new address, look/feel and rules. PAMC is now Weekend Crafters. Weekend Crafters will be similar to PAMC except prizes are not offered as often, & there is no design team either. EVERYONE is welcome to participate in the challenge and ANY sort of craft is welcome. A new theme will be posted every Friday.Each week a participating artist will be featured. The feature will include a mini-bio, examples of work by the artist as well as links that the artist would like to share and etc. We do have a group located at the Scrapbooking and Crafting Friends network on ning. Its pretty similar to the blog except that S&CF members that participate receive points for doing so.
I'm excited for the change and I hope that this blog will be active and more fun for everyone, including myself.

In other news..... I designed the new look of S&CF, the banners and blinkies are by me, the banner and blinkies for Weekend Crafters are by me as well =D I'm so proud of them lol.


I just wanted to give a quick rundown of whats happening with me, and where I have been. I'm back though, and ready to create again! Stay tuned, I'll be making stuff soon enough! Hope everyone has a great night!
with love,

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Challenge #10. April Showers, Bring May Flowers

Candy hosted the challenge this week at PAMC and she choose 'April Showers, Bring May Flowers'.. very fitting for the weather we've been having recently. BLEH!

This is my card that I put together =D I haven't had the chance to use this stamp for anything. Its been sitting in the drawer for almost 6 years untouched! EEP!
So happy that I got to make something with her. Isn't she beautiful???

I used a really pretty vellum glitter decorative paper for the background as well as a nice embossed type of lavender paper. Sorry folks not sure who they are by. The beautiful Lavender Fairy is by Stamps Happen. I colored her using colored pencils. I used purple and clear self stick gems, my sewing machine, and lavendar ribbon. =D

Head over to PAMC and check out what the rest of the design team made. Everyone has until Wednesday at noon to participate, and everyone is welcome to jump in. You dont have to be a member of the group or anything. MyGrafico is sponsoring the prize there for the month so participate and you might win a super cute digital stamp set!


Mother's Day Cards

This week I put together 2 mothers day cards as well for our mom's. I hope they like them. =)

I used decorative papers, letter stamps by studio G, ribbon, self stick gems, cardstock, decorative scissors, hole punch, crystal glitter glue, foam decorative stamp, & orange, yellow, black inks.
Happy Early Mother's Day to all the Mom's in the world!

Home Sweet Home Wall Hanging

Eesh, its been a while since I blogged anything. I have been pretty sick the last week or so and then I also started a new job and just havent had the time. Luckily I'm getting it together haha. Last week I put together this wall hanging for my living room and thought I would share.

The bases of each section is wood planks that I sanded down and rounded the edges using my dremel tool. I used matching sheets of decorative papers and pink, and blue cardstocks. I also used green and pink Flowers by Prima, and 2 large pearl like buttons. (I cut the backs off the buttons and shaved it smooth with the dremel) It helped to be able to attach them to the flowers flatly.
I also used crystal glitter glue for the top and bottom of each panel (sorry the pic doesnt show this) The cord to hang it is made of 3 different colored floss's that I braided together to match.

It was something different and fun for me to try. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for taking a looksy =)

Stay tuned more to come today.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tri-fold Card for PAMC Challenge #9

This week's challenge at PAMC was hosted by the lovely Deana. Tri-fold Cards! I have really loved making cards lately. Its so much more fun to send someone a card YOU created from the heart. I like to see or hear their reactions after they receive their card from me. I've never attempted a tri-fold card though. I wasnt sure where to start to be honest but I know I wanted something I could use at anytime as a greeting card instead of a specific holiday/occassion =) I drew out all of the shapes on different colored cardstocks and cut them out/edged them etc. Then put them all together. I really love my decorative scissors! You can do so much with them! The hills have script stamped in emerald on them. and the tree has a red gem.

Items used: 2 colors of blue cardstock, White cardstock, 2 colors of green cardstock, brown cardstock, emerald & black dye inks by stampabilities, script stamp from A Time to Stamp, Happy Everything stamp from Studio G, decorative scissors, self stick gems by Darico

Check out our design teams creations HERE. They all do such beautiful work! And feel free to jump on over & participate! We'd love to see your creations!

Happy Thursday all!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A few new additions to my shop...

I have been doing a lot of different things the last few days and so I thought I would post one big blog with all the things I have done lol. Thought it might be easier :)

Remember about a week ago I mentioned that I was knitting! Do your remember the pics of the beginning of my first knitted item and how I mentioned that I wanted it to be a table runner. Welll.... that didnt happen lol. Actually I tried really hard to make it into a table runner but I couldn't get it long enough to fit the kitchen table because its so long. I just simply did not have enough yarn of that color to do it. So I decided to turn what once was meant to be a table runner into a shaw. Funny how things happen right? So I used some burgundy colored yarn and made a fringe along the bottom, added a large brown button and wha-lah. I have my first hand knitted project. Im thinking of putting it in my etsy shop. I just wish I had someone to model it for me lol. I've started another knitting project now. I'm about 1/2 finished with the first of 2 window valances for my studio windows. (I hope, a-hem) LOL.

I had so much fun altering that clock I did for PAMC a few weeks back that I wanted to alter another one for my studio. This is what I came up with. The colors and everything are alot brighter in person but I took the pic at night so it didnt really show everything the way I was hoping. The quote in the middle is on vellum and it says "The Lover of Life makes the whole word into his family"

Items used: Purple Acrylic paint, Number stamps (unsure where they are from), Number diecut stickers by Colorbok, Background decorative paper by Colorbox, Pansy vellum stickers by stickopatamus, vellum quote from colorbok, cardstock in lavendar and sage, & glitter glue by crayola.

This is a faux mosaic frame that I created for my shop. I painted a wooden frame from Michaels white with acrylic paint. I then tore dark blue cardstock and a teal and brown decorative paper in to square shapes. I then meticulously glued each square into place in a pattern. Once that was dry I used Aleene's Paper Glaze on each individual square. It had to dry for 24 hours untouched. Then I added another coat of paper glaze and waited another 24 hours. Once it was dry and set properly I coated it 2 times with Liquitex gloss medium & varnish, and of course waited another 12 hours before I did anything lol. For embellishments I layered a white, teal, and green flower from Prima and attached it with 3600 glue and added a blue gem to the flowers. The final embel. was the yarn on either side of the flower. Its attached with 3600 as well. I love the way it fades from dark blue to the teal color! I will be adding this item to my shop soon!

The final thing I've created this week is what I call a Lotus flower candleholder. I've made these in the past for my shop but havent made them in a while. The base of the candleholder is a record that I have painted and sealed. Then the flower is also a record that I melted into this shape. Its painted in pearl purple and the edge has glitter. It is also sealed a few times. The records are attached together with 3600 glue and the glass candleholder in the center of the flower is attached to the flower with 3600 as well. I will be adding this to my shop in a few days as well. I hope I can make a few more in other colors soon =)

I think thats about all for now =) I've been pretty busy the last week or so! Hopefully I can create some more goodies this week!

I hope you're all having a great week! I'm off to cook supper, relax and watch Idol later tonight!

-> GO ADAM & DANNY! <-


Thursday, April 23, 2009

PAMC Challenge #8- Creative Flourishes

Its time for another Challenge at Paper Arts Mingles & Challenges [PAMC]! This week the very creative & talented Sara challenged us to be creative & create a piece using a flourish and an inspirational word or saying. This is my ATC for the challenge :) Here is another view of the ATC...

Materials used: Lime, maroon, and canary cardstock; Self stick gems by Darico; Fairy stamp by Studio G; Flourish stamp by Studio G; Be You stamp by Studio G; Black Dye ink by Stampabilities; Designer paper (not sure by who); Crystal glitter glue by Crayola; Prisma Colored Pencils

Check out the other Design Team Member's creations on the PAMC blog or check out the group on PaperCraftPlanet and if you are in the mood for a challenge jump on in, we'd love to see what you can do!