Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Help us name our puppy

As I've mentioned before Honey had 3 puppies about 6 weeks ago :) Its time to find them good homes but we decided that we are going to keep this little girl. Isnt she cute? (I know the pic isnt the greatest =( ) I hope to get better pics of her soon. I made a poll on the left -> of names that I found & thought of that I am considering... Please take a sec to vote on the names you think are the cutest & most suitable for this little gal. Also comment here if you think of a different name for her that I havent listed & I'll add it to the poll. Thanks!


sharon said...

I'll have to show this to my grand-daughter. Her name is Mia!

Marianne's Musings said...

I like "Snickerdoodles" then you can call her Snickers or Doodles!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Noli (4yr old granddaughter) picked Abbie and Sophie! Cute, cute puppy!

Just friended you on FB! And, of course, I see your posts on CreateCrochet!!

And, guess what! My son's name is Adam Christopher!