Friday, April 9, 2010

Relay for Life Donations

I've mentioned before that CreateCrochet is hosting a Relay for life Charity event. I finished 2 bandana's for the event... I am thinking of creating 1 more but havent decided the color scheme yet.

I took some better photo's of the 2 bandana's that I have made so far. Both are using Redheart Acrylic yarns.

Blue & Yellow


I also made a blue & white beanie. Its my first time crocheting a beanie but I was pretty happy with the turn out. Funny, I never realized that the colors are Duke Blue Devils colors until my hubby pointed it out today LOL. Go figure! =)

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Anonymous said...

I could care less about the fact that the beanie is DUKE colors, haha... but it looks really GREAT! :) I love the pink bandana too!