Wednesday, April 7, 2010

FB Fan Giveaway

I have 62 fans on Facebook now and as promised I'm having a giveaway! Sooooo I assigned each fan on facebook a number, then I went to and I entered 62 as the maximum number value.... The number chosen was 41 and so the person assigned to this number is Mary Linker Wagner! Mary has 24 hours to contact me about the giveaway. If I dont hear from her then I will chose someone else.

Whats the prize you ask? Mary gets to go to the shop and choose 1 item that is currently for sale. I will then make her an item just like it in her choice of color(s) for free =) I'm soooo excited to have 62 fans! YAY! Thanks to everyone who is following and supporting me and my shop! Much Love to you all!

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