Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I do it, I know you’ve done it, babies do it, kids do it, old people do it, young people do it, Barack Obama does it, even Jesus did it. He probably still does it. Up in Heaven…
It’s not blasphemy. I'm not trying to offend anyone or start some major issue... I'm just saying, it’s truth. If we didn’t pass gas, we’d explode, period. And while letting it escape through the mouth may be a tad more polite and socially acceptable really it’s no better than it passing through the butt, behind, hiney, bum, arse, rump, badonk-a-donk, whatever you wanna call the thing you sit on. Either way the human body is disgusting. I’m not knocking God’s design here, but have you ever really thought about the whole process of how our bodies digest food? It’s gross! I wonder..and whether you believe in the whole creation thing or not, just play along with me here…Adam & Eve are sittin in the garden of Eden, munching on their exotic fruits and veggies and Eve lets one rip. Because we all know that they farted. So Eve farts..a naked fart btw…no fabric to soften the blow..Does Adam get deeply offended? Does he leave the shade of their tree & move to the next? Does he wrinkle his nose & fuss about how gross and nasty she is? I’m leaning towards believing that he thought nothing of it. It was just a part of life. Part of their bodies doing what they were made to do. Or did farts not exist then? Like sin. When they ate that fruit, did farts come into existence just like wasps & maggots?
Anyway, it makes me wonder when farts became so unacceptable. I prefer to think of farts as a funny part of life. I would much rather view those things in life that are gross but necessary as just plain funny. There was a time when Tim and I were dating in high school... we were sitting on the swing outside in the yard, and I let one rip. I was comfortable with Tim, I always have been, but at that moment I couldn't contain it... it sort of just happened. Tim was shocked and was like 'what the heck' the face and his reaction were unforgettable... and my comment to him was 'What, girls fart too!' LOL. And we laughed hysterically for 20 minutes straight because we were both soooo serious with our reactions and comments about farting, but it was funny! Its true... EVERYONE farts lol.
Why not approach it like a child would? Kids always think farts are funny. I can remember when we were teeny tiny babies. Farts were always followed by either surprise, or laughter.So the next time you fart instead of reacting with embarrassment, I think you should approach it with this attitude:

And so ends my very random rant about flantulence =)

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Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure if Jesus farted or not but it's hard to imagine it! Crazy! I'm in SHOCK at the thought! LOL.