Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shades of Green Afghan

I have been spending all of my spare time crocheting this afghan, and yesterday I FINALLY finished it! Its my first afghan! Woohoo! I'm really pleased with the design and the colors that I chose. My hubby likes it so much that he asked me to do one in Gators colors, so that'll me my next side project. Then I think I will put together a baby blanket. I'm so glad to be back online too! My modem went out in my laptop so I was without the net for about a week (not good when you have an online business!!!) My hubby decided to get me a desktop this time and so thats what Im using now. I am really hoping that in the coming weeks we will be able to get highspeed internet because netzero is creeping! I mean, I have had dial up for sometime. It comes with the territory of living in the middle of nowhere lol. BUT when I had aol it was much faster than netzero. I can literally click on a website, then go to another room and finish a chore like vaccuming or dishes before its totally loaded! Its really annoying to be honest, but at least I am online lol. Keepin my fingers crossed for high speed though! =) I will be working on some new art in the coming days as well. I'm trying to get a little of everything in my shop and its lacking art at the moment. I just need to figure out WHAT it is I want to draw or paint. Any suggestions folks?!?

With Love,