Monday, June 22, 2009

I've been tagged

I was tagged by Kim at Tabby's Place to list 6 uninteresting things about myself and then tag 6 of my other blog friends. So here we go. . .

1. I love to play video games from time to time. I wish we had an old nintendo or something so I could play mario brothers, tetris, and frogger. I love those games.

2. I am a movie junkie! I will watch any movie at least 1 time, because its new and something different. I am also known to watch movies I own over and over again. Whats the point of buying them if you dont watch them more than once?

3. I never go anywhere without makeup on. It would have to be serious for me not to. I've always been that way since I was 15 and started wearing makeup, I dunno why.

4. I am a country girl through and through. I love country cooking, country food, country accents, country living etc.... You can take the girl out of the country but you cant take the country outta the girl. ;)

5. I can pick things up with my feet & toes. I know its kinda monkey-ish right? lol.

6. I hate bridges, planes, and boats. I will not get in a plane or a boat, and you hardly ever see me on a bridge and liking it. lol.

Bored yet? LOL

And I am tagging.... Ginger, Jeanette, Deana, Sara, Margie, ShellyRae Wood


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Jeanette said...

Hi Ande, I just wanted to stop in and see how you were doing. And, what did I find that I'd been tagged.