Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crochet Hunting/Ski Mask

I spent the majority of today writing my own pattern and crocheting this hunting/ski mask for Homespun Creations.

I found a pattern online for the base of my pattern, but it was for an infant. It would not work at all for the adult men's mask I aimed to create. Infact when I created the mask using the pattern alot of it was wrong and it just didnt look like it should. Soooo... after writing the pattern out myself once and crocheting the mask and miserably failing because it was super gigantic and could probably fit an elephants head... lol... I had to take it all apart and rewrite the pattern again, recalculating everything.

Finally on the second try it turned out like you see. It was actually a challenge but a fun one. I am really pleased with the finished product. I'm going to be taking custom orders for these masks in any colors... soooo if you are interested please comment here or email me at or the shop at ....

You can visit the shop any time to check out all the goodies we have to offer. Tomorrow morning we will be adding Christmas Stocking caps, and doggie sweaters! We will be taking custom orders for those also! Its been a busy but super fun month for us! Hope everyone has a nice night... its 2 am and Im beat!


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