Monday, November 23, 2009

Here... again

Its been a long while, and I dont really know what to say... I used to blog here consistantly... I used to make cards, and atc's, tags and scrapbook pages and some how I let all of that go and focused all of my attention on my shop, knitting and crocheting. I havent drawn or painted anything in what seems like years... until a few days ago.

My brother, his fiance and their son are coming up for Thanksgiving! It will be the first time since our move to WV that any of my family has visited, so I am super excited! I havent seen them in a few years too, soo you can imagine! I just know we are going to have fun, just hanging out, enjoying each other's company, taking lots of pictures and sightseeing!

I decided I wanted to go ahead and give them their gifts for Christmas while I had the chance in person, that way I dont really have to worry about shipping and if the items would make it safely and things like that. So I got out all of my drawing supplies and for the first time in months I drew!

My brother loves Tigers, so I drew him a Bengal tiger.... and his fiance loves wrestling and her favorite wrestler is Jeff Hardy, so I drew her a picture of Jeff Hardy.... I like how they turned out, of course photos never do artwork of any kind any justice.... so they look more vibrant in person :) I really hope they love their pictures =]

I rejoined Scrapbooking & Crafting Friends, and I plan on working on some paper arts in the near future... before I really get tired of knitting and crocheting and never want to pick it up again lol. I love doing it, but when you have done it every single day for the 6 or more months... sometimes you just get tired. ya know? Hopefully I will be blogging here more frequently. I am going to update everything today and will be posting my new creations, including knitting and crochet items when they are created. I'm also going to try to put in a little of my everyday life here as well, like I used to.... Im sorry I abandoned my friends like I did... life just got in the way and I miss you guys so very much!

Wishing everyone a very blessed Thanksgiving!


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Kathy Carvellas said...

Ande....all I can say is WOW!!! Your work is seriously wonderful! I hope you'll keep working artistically in one form or another and keep posting your work on your blog! I wanna see it! :-)