Sunday, October 4, 2009

HEY remember me?

I really need to make an effort to blog more often here like I used to. I have had so much going on though that it makes it almost impossible some times. The shop is doing pretty well and keeps me really busy. I'm actually amazed at just how well we are doing. We are currently working on a custom order for 2 knitted baby blankets one in baby blue and one in baby pink. Yesterday we took another trip to Michaels to get supplies. Its the 3rd trip we've made this week! LOL. You might think 'big deal' but for us it is because Michaels is about an hour drive from our home. We usually only go once or twice a month! LoL. I finally got a set of Looms to work with. Im really excited about that! Now I'm going to be a loomin fool this fall/winter! Hee hee! I've already gotten into knitting and crocheting like crazy. I think I spend more time on those things then I do on any of the other crafts I enjoy!

I was excited to sell my painting 'Through the Mists' this week too! That was a happy surprise for me! It was just a spur of the moment sort of painting that I had an urge to do. I didnt even know that was what I was painting until I sat down with my supplies and started. lol. I really need to start painting again. I have ookoo-bootles of prim signs to make for the shop that I have been planning on do for months it seems! Its so hard to believe that its already October!!!

My husband is joining the Army. Its something he really wants and I support him 110%! Folks keep asking me if Im ok, and if Im sure this is something I can handle and things like that. They sort of look at me like Im insane when I say that Im fine and I am happy with Tim's decision because honestly how can you be happy with that sort of decision... Here's my answer:

Tim know's what he wants. He wants to make something of himself. He wants to make a difference in some sort of way. He's a very patriotic person and he wants to show that. I am his wife. I love him more than anyone could know, and part of my job as a wife is to support him and his decisions. Does it scare me, yes it does. But I trust him, and I know he can do this. I'm a strong person, I've been through ALOT in my life. I will miss him more than I can even explain when he's away... but my pride for him and my love for him will keep me going. Choosing a job like this is a life changing decision and I am VERY proud of my husband for even deciding to take a step like this in his life. It takes a real man to want to do a job like this. I may sound insane but this is what makes me happy about his decision.

He had a little snaffoo when he went for his physical and things. They had a record of Tim having bronchitis in his childhood, so they require him to get them medical records showing that it didnt give any damage to him, and he didnt acquire asthma or anything... those records are 10 years old and in North Carolina, sooo... he has to get those records and turn them in then finish all of his stuff. Hopefully on October 30th he will be heading to Arkansas for 5 weeks. Im happy to have him for the rest of this month! Things always happen for a reason.

Welll..... Im not getting any baby blankets knitted this way so I should close for now. I will try and update more often, at least weekly if I can.

Hope all are doing well!


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