Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Would you rather Wed...Pliers or Needles?

It's that time again over at my bestie Ginger's Blog she is having the Would you Rather Wednesday Blog Hop!!!  Remember NEITHER is not an option! Jump on the BLOG HOP and post your answer if you dare! :)

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Today's catergory is pain!

Todays Question:

Would You Rather... have to give yourself 15 stitches with a regular sewing needle - OR - have to pull your own tooth with a regular pair of pliers?!

My Answer:

I think I am going with pulling my tooth out with pliers. Crazy? Yeah I know... lol... the way I see it, as long as I am the one controlling the instrument I can handle the pain a little better. I'm not really sure why that is. If I get a splinter or something I can't handle someone else trying to remove it, but I can do it and it doesn't hurt as bad. I think I can take the pliers and yank out 1 tooth and deal with that pain for a few minutes a lot better than I could sticking myself with a needle and thread 15 times in an obviously already injured place. Its one thing to poke yourself with a needle but its another to have to poke through an already painful injury 15 more times. Makes me shudder... honestly both situations make me shudder lol. These questions are insane haha. But its still fun! Join in guy!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Treasure Hunt: Spring

Each week RealLifeReslers will be having a blog hop to show off the coolest *handmade* treasures we've found on the internet. They can be from etsy, your favorite blog, or a forum--your choice! 

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This week's theme is : Spring

My item's come from a few random Etsy shops..

Bunny Hat & Diaper Cover
From Mad Hatter Knits Co on Etsy

Click here for listing & purchasing info!

Angelique Dusty Pink Rose Earrings
From Seven Blueberries on Etsy

Click here for listing & purchasing info!

Vintage Blue Bird Scrabble Tile Pendant
From Pretty Whimsical on Etsy

Click here for listing & purchasing info!

A few Etsy Treasuries to share... click the image to view each item individually. 

Magnolia Bloom

Spring in Pink Yellow & White

And as always a cute crochet pattern: 

Sweet and Colorful Spring Flowers
These would be perfect for sooo many things! Scrapbook pages, cards, headbands, etc etc etc! 

Please click here for the pattern

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three Words Wed.

Upload the picture of your choice BUT remember, you only get 3 words to describe it! Then go over to http://www.reallifereslers.comto share with everyone what you used. :) 

Here's Mine:


Would you rather Wed... Serial Killer's?

It's that time again over at my bestie Ginger's Blog she is having the Would you Rather Wednesday Blog Hop!!!  Remember NEITHER is not an option! Jump on the BLOG HOP and post your answer if you dare! :)

Just post your answer on your blog then click the Click to Enter link at the bottom of this post to add yourself to the Blog Hop... its that simple!

Today's catergory is Ethics & Intellect!

Today's Question:

Would You Rather: BE the parent of a serial killer - OR - BE the parent of a victim of a serial killer?

My Answer: 

I think that I would rather be parent of a victim of a serial killer. I know this may sound horrible but to be honest I think I could live with the fact that my child is in a better place than to think that my child is out there killing so many innocent people. That would be torture in a way. I think its because I would feel so guilty for all of those that my child had hurt and their families... and in a way those people would blame me too. Maybe not intentionally but if you think about it... the first thought when a kid doesnt something bad is 'how on earth were they raised? or that kids parents must have been horrible examples to that child.' You know what I mean. It would be such a hard thing to deal with no matter which way it would happen. I wouldn't wish either situation on anyone!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rose Tag

 Here's the tag that I just finished for the swap on The Scrap Beach =) I really hope she likes it. I wanted to do some sort of collage type thing and use my stamps and this is what I came up with lol. The tag measures 3x6 inches! Its a big'un! lol.

I used my giant mounted  Rose stamp by Rubber Stampede, and stamped
 in a maroon color.The leaves are from an unmounted set I bought from Time
 to Stamp, and the lady is also from A Time to Stamp.The leaves were stamped
in greens, browns, and also black. The swirls and the lady were stamped using brown.
I colored the Rose stamp with colored pencils and popped it up
with pop dots. I stamped some of the leaves on cardstock, colored
them in with colored pencils and cut them out, then popped them up
with pop dots as well. I thought it would give it a neat effect with all
of the shadowed leave silhouettes underneath!

Here's a close up of the lady. I also lightly colored her in with colored pencils.
I added stickles to her eyes for a highlight (cant see in this pic though) and I added this
really pretty pearl and lace trim to the top. The final step was adding all of the fibers =)
You cant really see the fibers that well in these photos but there's some silver crochet
 thread, some pinks, greens, and whites. 

As always thanks so much for stopping by and taking a gander at my creations! Have a great night!

"Cherish" Teal & Brown Bookmark

This is another creation by muah today.. and yes... I had to include some Twilight love lol. Its a book mark so why not show my favorite series while I'm at it!?! =) I love how it turned out, and sort of sad that I am parting with it, but I did make it for someone else. LOL. Don't you hate that feeling of 'but its so pretty can't I keep it?!?' I get those feelings sooo often! I loved how this turned out so much that I think I'm going to make a few more in other color combo's and some special ones for my girls at O.W. =D I think these would go perfectly in my little books I'm making everyone! I may even sell these in my shop but I haven't quite decided on that one just yet. I guess it depends on the feedback I get from everyone lol. Anyway... I guess we'll see... 

The flower is made from teal & brown scrapbook paper by My Minds Eye (I believe, I need to keep better track of the names of things lol) and measures a whopping 4 inches! It is embellished with a white button, some shiny silver crochet thread tied in a pretty bow, and a stamped tag that says 'Cherish'... It is attached to a 15' satin ribbon to mark your place in your book. The flower is meant to go on the outside for display because if you put it inside your book it would A. get squished beyond recognition and b. your book would never close lol.  

Here is one more view of the bookmark before I close. This one shows it in all of its 3d glory =) I really love the teal and brown color combo, this paper is gorgeous by the way! I think its called Bohemian, and I don't think this particular pattern is available anymore, which sux because I think I'm out of it LOL. Oh well, there's plenty of other beautiful paper out there for me to snatch up! Ha! Please let me know what you guys think! I would love to hear some feedback so that I can decide whether or not to offer these in Beeing Creative! Is anyone else getting impatient for Breaking Dawn?!? I know I am! LOL! Its really going to suck to have to wait for part 2 BUT in a way its a good thing because we will have 1 more movie, so the series won't be completely over for us and the excitement will last for another year! Yay! Come on November!!!! 

Once again thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look-see!  

"Memories" Greeting Card

Today I have been working on a few things for a swap I am participating in over at The Scrap Beach. One of the items is a Thank you card. It doesn't have to be handmade but I thought, why the heck not since everything else in the swap is handmade and my partner took the time to make me a GORGEOUS thank you card. So this is what I came up with for the swap. I actually used some of the prima flowers that she sent to me =) It added that 3d something to the card that I thought it needed. Don't you love that quote? I have nooo clue where I got that stamp (darn it!) Thats what happens when you don't keep the packaging (or are smart enough to write it on the stamp lol!)... It's an unmounted rubber stamp, that's pretty much all I can tell ya! =( I know its not exactly a THANK YOU card, but I said my thank you's on the inside of the card lol. I really hope that she's enjoys it when it arrives, as much as I absolutely loooved hers. I'm also working on the handmade tag that is part of this swap but its a work in progress... I'll post it in a few (when I'm finished) it'll be up tonight sometime because I need to finish her items and package everything for shipping tomorrow because its due! YIKES! I don't want to be late lol. So keep an eye out for that one, and as always thank you SOOOO much for stopping by and taking a look-see! =)

Bella's Eclipse Hat

Bella's Beanie has now been added to my shop for purchase! This hat comes in  Aran Fleck, and Frost Green Fleck stripes and can be custom ordered in any color choices. This beanie is pretty much a duplicate of the hat Bella wore in Eclipse during the scene where they were camping in the mountains, hiding from Victoria . This beanie is PERFECT for those Twihards out there! Below are photo's of my hat, and then scenes from the movie to show the resemblance! This hat is available for purchase and can be ordered in any colors for $10. Visit Beeing Creative for more information! This beanie can also be purchased directly from the Beeing Creative facebook page! Thanks so much for visiting!

My beanie:

Front view

Side View

Another Side View

Back View

Scenes from the movie:

Monday, March 21, 2011

I Should have the choice!

Today I was quite offended by a member of a Animal Rescue group that I was a member of that made a few comments that pretty much insinuated that I am a bad person that neglects my pets. Where did this come from you may ask? The debate of whether Spay & Neutering & Microchipping should be mandatory and not the owners choice. I will not mention names etc but I will share her comments and then also my response to this so that you can see both sides of the discussion and why it annoys me so.

Here are her comments in order of posting (note this conversation started because someone was talking about  a neighbor who has a dog that just had a 3rd litter of pups and was chained outside...I AM TOTALLY AGAINST THIS!)

Post #1: 
"I have been interested in creating an Animal Abuse Task Force and an extension of a group in Ohio that advocates against BSL and shuts down dog wardens who are malicious in their euthanizations. That group
has really changed the face of sheltering in Ohio, one community at a time. I have tons of plans for the long-term, so I would love to start a conversation."
Post #2:
 "The Kanawha Humane society, when you adopt a pet that is unaltered, they tell you to come back in a few days. They have that pet fixed BEFORE it leaves the shelter. That is the way to enforce the mandatory. Can you FORCE everyone? No. But you can make it illegal to have unregistered litters, and then you can create a huge fine for violators. Will you still have violators? Of course. People disregard the rules and the law all the time. A guy like this neighbor, by letting his dog have multiple litters, clearly disregards animal welfare. You cannot change him. But you can hurt him financially, and you can hurt his legal record and possibly his credit record."
Post #3:

"I have not had a chance to get dog food to you because there were just 2-3 days between your request and your visit to the shelter. I do buy 2 bags of dog food every week and put out around Huntington for strays. I also have helped to start a magazine in which we provide FREE space for the shelter to showcase their adoptables: we put out 7000 copies, print editions. This covers a lot of area. We could use more volunteers getting the magazine out, but... we were able to get 23 of the 30 from Huntington shelter adopted in our first month-- we can improve but we are new, so I'm okay with that. We think you are really talented taking photos and getting the 'story' of the pet: we are hoping you might let us use some of your pictures but that is not for me to arrange. I love what you are doing with the internet. Frankly, the internet is awesome but unless a person is logged in, and unless they find your site, or unless they have facebook accounts, they are not going to see that we are trying to move animals. When my dog disappeared, I realized WV has very little activity on the net compared to Ohio and KY. The major reason for the magazine too, is the online lost and found for LOCAL pets. We are trying to build that up because these 'stray' animals are lost pets. The shelter may take them in and they seem unwanted, meanwhile some family is frantically searching and has no uniform way to locate all the shelters and see all the dogs/cats for months. I know because I've been looking for more than 15 months now for my dog. It took forever to figure out how to contact all the shelters. What you are doing is awesome because the lady at the shelter who does Petfinder, can only take enough time to do some of the animals. She cannot get them all up there. If someone is searching for a lost dog/cat, your site may help find them and bring them home."
Post #4:
"I am also for mandatory microchipping. If you dont' want to do that, then you don't own a pet. I hope the goverment requires a data base where you register your pet -- dog and cat-- and you supply their medical records-- vets can supply the info-- and when an animal comes through animal control, there is a history established about that pet. I will quit writing now except one more thing: don't hate all people. Look for the good ones and hang your hopes on them."
My response to her postings:
" I personally disagree with making it mandatory for microchipping and spay/neuter if you choose not to do so. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats all of which I have rescued and only 1 of all of them are spayed. Are you saying that because of I haven't had the funds to get all of them fixed & microchipped that I do not care about my pets? I do not think this is a fair judgement. I love these animals to bits and would do anything for them that is in my power.. I am also responsible with my pets enough not to let them around other animals to get pregnant. Things happen that are sometimes out of your control,yes, however if you pay attention to your pets and are responsible enough you can make sure that they do not become pregnant.  I disagree with puppy mills 100% and think its the worst possible thing. However not everyone is that way, and just because they can not get their animals fixed, or choose not too does not mean they are bad people. I'm sorry but I disagree and I think it is totally unfair to take someone's choices from them and pass judgement so harshly."
This post led to her response which was simply:
"If you can not afford to get your pets spayed or neutered and microchipped then you can not afford to properly take care of them and  you should not have them." 

Do my animals look mistreated to you?

Once I received that comment I decided to leave the group without further comment because I am not going to be judged so harshly for sharing my opinion on a topic. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I did not speak my mind further there, but I still have my blog where I can say what ever I choose. So... with that said.... Here are my thoughts on this matter in full. Feel free to comment with your thoughts and opinions on this matter as long as they are respectful and non judgmental. I would like to have a proper conversation/debate on this, not judging, throwing insults, or hurting anyone's feelings.

Here are my thoughts: 

I am highly in favor of spaying or neutering your pets. However I have 3 female dogs, and 1 male dog that are not spayed/neutered as well as 1 cat that is spayed and 1 cat that is not. Sheeba was spayed prior to us adopting her. If we were in a better financial status and the cost of this surgery was much lower then we would be able to have our animals spayed/neutered but at this time we have come to the decision that until then they will remain unaltered, and we will be as responsible as we possibly can with what ever may happen. I'm in favor of requiring shelters to neuter all adult animals prior to adoption. I think this would help in cutting down the population of unwanted animals.

That being said, however, I do not support mandatory spay and neuter ordinances, or mandatory micro-chipping. I think there's merit in many of the reasons such ordinances are opposed, but for me the main reason comes down to personal choice. Do we really need more regulations that will need government/law enforcement attention? Do we really want to be removing pets from families that, through lack or knowledge or resources, do not or cannot comply with the law? Do we want to punish the hobby breeder for producing a litter while most ordinances explicitly exempt high-volume breeders (which can include puppy mills) from having to comply with the regulations?

I'd like to see communities that have low-cost spay/neuter clinics expand them. And wouldn't it make sense to subsidize spay/neuter costs for low-income families so that they can afford to have their pets fixed? Or even give a discount or something for multiple pets (like in our case.) In fact, If there were more free clinics and vets willing to do these surgeries for free to help in the community, I very well believe that more people would be willing to have this done.

But you really cant mandate people to do the “right thing.” You can educate, cajole, bribe—what have you, but there will always be irresponsible people, who do not care. When you think about all the laws currently on the books that aren't enforced, do we really want to add another set of rules that have to be enforced, especially when the failure to follow the rules results in comparatively little harm? Do we really want regulations that, when enforced, can result in the confiscation and possibly the euthanization of the animal?

How much sense does it make that if you do not spay or neuter your pet you could be fined severely, and/or your pet could be removed from your care? Where would they go? Back to a shelter to add even more population to the already maxed out population of the horrible animal shelters? Where they will be in cages, forgotten, and mistreated until someone happens across them, or they are euthanized for the next group of pets to come in and take their place? Does that really make any sense? To me that is more heartless than a person loving an animal unconditionally but is unable to afford the cost of a surgery, or a chip. Does our government really need another thing to add to the list of things that add on to our already outrageous taxes?Should those tax payers who are allergic or do not like animals in the first place pay and be responsible for taxes that have nothing to do with them? I'm sorry but I think not. There are SOOOOO Many more important things in this world right now to worry about then whether or not an animal is fixed or has a microchip. For instance, homelessness, child abuse, the adoption and foster system... I could go on and on.

This could almost certainly go into the much larger debate of pro-life or pro-choice. No matter if we are talking about animals or not. Lets leave that debate for another day however....

It comes down to a personal choice here. I am responsible enough to know how to take care of my pets and make sure that they do not become pregnant, or lost.They are my pets and I should have the choice of whether they are capable of producing or not. I love my animals. I think of them as an extension of my family. I will do anything in my power for them that is within my ability. I make sure they are fed, bathed, sheltered, and spoiled rotten... I have been an animal rights advocate since I was in middle school and have supported Peta, The Humane Society, and the ASPCA for that long. I have rescued so many animals and found them good forever homes that I can't even keep count any longer.I'm not a bad person, I love animals and feel very strongly about their protection.. they have no voice, so they need someone to be that voice for them. I have always felt that way. I do not appreciate being judged so harshly, when you really don't know my situation or anything about me.. now you know my opinions and a little more about me and where I stand.

 Do you have thoughts/concerns or something to add to this discussion? Feel free to comment and share! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bella's La Push Hat from Twilight (in blue!)

Bella's Beanie has now been added to my shop for purchase in a new color... BLUE! This beanie is pretty much a duplicate of the hat Bella wore in Twilight during the scene where she visited La Push for the first time. This beanie is PERFECT for those Twihards out there! Below are photo's of my hat, and then scenes from the movie to show the resemblance! This hat is available for purchase and can be ordered in any color for $10. You can visit my shop site HERE for more information! If you would like to this hat in a different color please visit HERE. This beanie can also be purchased directly from the Beeing Creative facebook page! Thanks so much for visiting!

My beanie:

Scenes from the Movie:

Thanks so much for stoppin' by!!! =)

Happy St. Patty's Day!