Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Would you rather Wed... Serial Killer's?

It's that time again over at my bestie Ginger's Blog she is having the Would you Rather Wednesday Blog Hop!!!  Remember NEITHER is not an option! Jump on the BLOG HOP and post your answer if you dare! :)

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Today's catergory is Ethics & Intellect!

Today's Question:

Would You Rather: BE the parent of a serial killer - OR - BE the parent of a victim of a serial killer?

My Answer: 

I think that I would rather be parent of a victim of a serial killer. I know this may sound horrible but to be honest I think I could live with the fact that my child is in a better place than to think that my child is out there killing so many innocent people. That would be torture in a way. I think its because I would feel so guilty for all of those that my child had hurt and their families... and in a way those people would blame me too. Maybe not intentionally but if you think about it... the first thought when a kid doesnt something bad is 'how on earth were they raised? or that kids parents must have been horrible examples to that child.' You know what I mean. It would be such a hard thing to deal with no matter which way it would happen. I wouldn't wish either situation on anyone!

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