Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Cherish" Teal & Brown Bookmark

This is another creation by muah today.. and yes... I had to include some Twilight love lol. Its a book mark so why not show my favorite series while I'm at it!?! =) I love how it turned out, and sort of sad that I am parting with it, but I did make it for someone else. LOL. Don't you hate that feeling of 'but its so pretty can't I keep it?!?' I get those feelings sooo often! I loved how this turned out so much that I think I'm going to make a few more in other color combo's and some special ones for my girls at O.W. =D I think these would go perfectly in my little books I'm making everyone! I may even sell these in my shop but I haven't quite decided on that one just yet. I guess it depends on the feedback I get from everyone lol. Anyway... I guess we'll see... 

The flower is made from teal & brown scrapbook paper by My Minds Eye (I believe, I need to keep better track of the names of things lol) and measures a whopping 4 inches! It is embellished with a white button, some shiny silver crochet thread tied in a pretty bow, and a stamped tag that says 'Cherish'... It is attached to a 15' satin ribbon to mark your place in your book. The flower is meant to go on the outside for display because if you put it inside your book it would A. get squished beyond recognition and b. your book would never close lol.  

Here is one more view of the bookmark before I close. This one shows it in all of its 3d glory =) I really love the teal and brown color combo, this paper is gorgeous by the way! I think its called Bohemian, and I don't think this particular pattern is available anymore, which sux because I think I'm out of it LOL. Oh well, there's plenty of other beautiful paper out there for me to snatch up! Ha! Please let me know what you guys think! I would love to hear some feedback so that I can decide whether or not to offer these in Beeing Creative! Is anyone else getting impatient for Breaking Dawn?!? I know I am! LOL! Its really going to suck to have to wait for part 2 BUT in a way its a good thing because we will have 1 more movie, so the series won't be completely over for us and the excitement will last for another year! Yay! Come on November!!!! 

Once again thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look-see!  

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