Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bella's Eclipse Hat

Bella's Beanie has now been added to my shop for purchase! This hat comes in  Aran Fleck, and Frost Green Fleck stripes and can be custom ordered in any color choices. This beanie is pretty much a duplicate of the hat Bella wore in Eclipse during the scene where they were camping in the mountains, hiding from Victoria . This beanie is PERFECT for those Twihards out there! Below are photo's of my hat, and then scenes from the movie to show the resemblance! This hat is available for purchase and can be ordered in any colors for $10. Visit Beeing Creative for more information! This beanie can also be purchased directly from the Beeing Creative facebook page! Thanks so much for visiting!

My beanie:

Front view

Side View

Another Side View

Back View

Scenes from the movie:

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