Monday, January 10, 2011

Silence- no more!

Its really hard to believe that I haven't updated my blog since the summer! So much has happened since my last blog posting... more than I care to talk about to be honest. I'm desperatley and impatiently waiting for spring to arrive. Unfortunatley we have a while to go. BLEH! I haven't had the internet for several months and due to that fact and other conflicting issues Ande's Attic was closed. I am working hard to get my new shop up and running but its going to take some time to get everything together. I have the basics accomplished, now I need to take all of the photographs of my inventory, and list everything. Plus work on new inventory. For a while I was considering donating all of my inventory and starting over from scratch. Its still a possibility, one that I will decide on as I go through my inventory in the next couple of days. My sister has agreed to model new creations for me, which will be awesome! She's such a beautiful lady and gifted at taking gorgeous photographs. The only issue: distance! She lives on the west coast! OY VEH! I'll most likely be shipping her items on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. I am also interested in doing photography props for children's photo's. I of course have no children soooo I am searching for photographers that are interested in getting free merchandise in exchange for beautiful photographs of children wearing my creations. If anyone is interested please let me know.

Work aside, life is dealing us a pretty normal hand. The winter weather has been insane, and as I type this I am bundled in a blanket because it is frigid here! We are supposed to be getting more snow for the next few days, and I am not looking forward to it. I love snow, its beautiful... but when you see it almost every day, for the entire winter it gets really old and a little annoying. Especially considering the fact that my husband travels a good distance to work daily and has to drive in the mess. Plus the fact that I have to clean up after my messy pooches every single time they go outside because they roll and play in the snow and come inside tracking it and mud everywhere. I guess it comes with the territory, eh? =)

The holidays were nice and quiet, and our family enjoyed our time together. It comes few and far between. We planned to visit all of our family in North Carolina for New Years but wasn't able to do so because of finances and Tim's crazy work schedule. Hopefully I will get there soon, because I really miss everyone.

Well thats a little update from me. I PROMISE that I will be updating this blog frequently now that things are getting back into the swing of things for us. I'm looking forward to a creative 2011! To all of you loyal followers, THANK YOU for sticking with me during the long silence!

With Love,


Real Life Reslers said...

Glad to see you back!!!

stephanie said...

love it

Anonymous said...

Well you know I love the background w/out question! :) The banner is very cute, too! GREAT job! Good luck on getting your site up and going again for your shop. Wish you all the best & if there's anything I can do for ya, just let me know! :)

Can't believe it's been since JULY since you last blogged. Didn't even realize that! Ha. :) Welcome back!!