Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things that make me smile

I decided to look for idea's to help make my blog more interesting. Blog topics I could write about etc. and my friend Ginger told me about JournalingPrompts. Today's prompt is to list things that make me smile.

So here goes....

1. My husband...Waking up beside of my husband. Every morning when I wake up, I turn over and look at my husband. Just seeing him there, sleeping peacefully beside me, makes me smiles. My husband is a very silly and entertaining person to be around. The atmosphere of any room that he is in is always a positive, cheerful, and comical one. He makes me smile, and laugh every single day. Its one of the main things that made me fall in love with him.

2. My Pets... I love animals, I always have. In my opinion anyone who says that an animal has no soul has not really had a loyal pet that they love. Every one of my pets are special, and have their own unique personalities, moods, and behaviors. For instance: Honey is an old girl, she loves to lay beside me and have her head rubbed... her personality has calmed as she has aged and now she just enjoys the lazy life. Zoey on the other hand is hyper and moody. If she's sleeping, do not disturb or she'll growl at you. lol. She loves her beauty sleep. Sadie is a shy girl. She minds her own business but loves to please. She would do anything for a belly rub. She loves playing football with my husband and couldnt be a more laid back dog. Finally we have PeeWee, the new addition to the gang. He's young and spunky, but my husband would say SPOILED ROTTEN (compliments of me! ha!) He loves to snuggle under a blanket, and play. He likes to prance around and dance for anyone who has a treat. He dislikes the cold, and the rain tremendously and will do anything not to go out in it. All of my animals have a soul. They have moods, and if they could talk Im sure we would have A LOT to listen too. Just saying!

3. Memories with my family... There as some crazy stories that I could tell of things that have happened in our family, good and bad. The good balances out the bad I think, I realize that now after growing up a little. I can't help but smile and laugh when I think of some of those special, priceless memories.. the memories only me and my family could possibly understand or think is funny... those are the good ones!

4. My sister and my aunt... We've had some quarrels in the past... some doozies, let me just say. But we've always come back to one another as close friends/family. My sister and my aunt are two special people in my life right now, and I don't know what I would do without them to listen to my insensent babbling on a daily basis. lol.

5. My best friend (you know who you are)... you have been there for me through some good times and all of the bad. We have some priceless memories ourselves... and hours and hours of talking. When I had no one else other than my husband, you were there. Our friendship means the world to me.

6. My nephews & neice... In a time when we are so troubled with conceiving you all are so special to me. We would do anything for each of you and love you more each and every day. I have the most handsome nephews, and beautiful neice on this planet (yeah Im biased). Seeing your pictures and hearing about how you are doing always brings a smile to my face.

7. My Grandparents...  They raised me. When I think of them I think of them as my parents, because they cared enough to take care of me and my siblings, basically our entire lives. They were always taking up the slack of our parents and dealing with the negativity that ensued from them. They have worked hard their whole lives, and sacrificed so much just to make sure us kids had some kind of a life. I realize now just how very lucky I am to have them because with out them, I don't know where I would be, or what kind of mess I would be in. I have the upmost love and respect for my Paw and Maw, and would do anything in my power for them.

8. My in-laws.... Most inlaw relationships are negative ones, but I have to say my relationship with my inlaws has been something special. They really have taken the place of my parents when mine couldn't /wouldn't step up and be parents. They've always been supportive and as helpful as they possibly can be and they love their son with every ounce of their being. Seeing their love and devotion for one another as a family is something special to me, because I never got that from my parents.

9. Butterflies... They remind me of freedom, beauty, and transformation each time I see one. They are so graceful, and lovely, delicate, and peaceful. The idea of something transforming from being so drab to so gorgeous has always been popular in the world, and in my eyes its what I hope has happened to me in my life. I could only inspire to be like a butterfly in life. Start out life in a difficult, ugly way... and transform into a beautiful, graceful woman. Not in a physical manner, but more so in the way I live my life and my personality...

10. The final and most important of all on my list. The promise of salvation through Jesus Christ.... I can only smile knowing that one day I will be in a better place with all of my loved ones because I love and accept Jesus Christ as my savior. Thats the biggest blessing of this world.

I think I have rambled enough, but thats my list of the most important things in my life that make me smile. Whats on your list?

With Love,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including me in this one. :) If I ever feel cheerful enough, maybe I can post something similar! I bet I could come up with a longer list of what pisses me off though! :) Ironic that my new nickname is Happy Meal since I'm usually pretty grumpy! LOL. :)

slicknc73 said...

andrea are you trying to make me cry or what lol. we have had our moments of course but as you said we always come back to each other and what i have with my family is very special to me and i wouldn't trade it for anything in this world.

Andrea said...

LMAO Ginger. I'm sure you could come up with a pretty decent list.... I may take that advice and blog about things that tick me off, especially if I'm in one of those moods. HA! My list would probably be never ending!

@ Stephanie- Not trying to make you cry, just being honest. It is so much better to have my family, and no drama... Drama is so draining!

Real Life Reslers said...

I loved your list. We are the same on a lot of them. I KNOW my dogs have souls! I think you're so right about what you said, the people who don't think animals have souls haven't really gotten to know any animals.

Love your blog!