Wednesday, February 25, 2009

4x4's: Wings

Im participating in a mingle for 4x4's with the theme Wings... So I decided to make 4 very different 4x4's :) I think 'The Flight of Sorrow' is my favorite of the 4. I made the background with acrylics & a plastic fork lol. I had some fun with my sewing machine on the 'Take Flight' 4x4. I decided to 'quilt' it and I loved how it turned out. 'Believe' was just something I put together with our cat Diesel in mind (he passed away recently and we miss him.) Its sort of a statement to believe that our lost pets are waiting for us in heaven. And 'Magical Secrets' was another one that I decided to use my sewing machine on. :) You cant see it well but their is a strip of fabric ribbon and I hand sewed the buttons on, and the fairies outfit and wings as well as the butterfly she is whispering too shimmer. It was so much fun to create these. I liked thinking of different idea's of what you can do with wings. I cant wait to receive mine too :)
Carpe Diem,


ladybug said...

i got my bird today!!!

I just love him! Thank you so much for picking my number during One World One Heart! It is such a pleasure to meet you and to lucky enough to receive some of your beautiful art work!

Jennifer said...

So sorry to hear about your cat! I sent you an email with some Altered items for the forums...let me know if you need anymore info! Thanks!