Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Painting a tissue box...

Today I began painting a Wooden Tissue box that I found at Michaels. I've decided to paint each side for a season of the year. Then it can be turned to display the proper season as the year goes on. Today I completed Winter and Autumn, so I thought I would share. I hope that tomorrow I can work on Spring and Summer. If the other seasons turn out well then I plan on adding it to my shop. So far Autumn is my favorite of the two, but Im enjoying the bright bold colors and using the cute little girl in each scene :)

I'm exhausted to be honest. My husband has something called Diverticulitis that has been causing him to be very ill for the last week and I have been helping him to get better as best I can. Then at 11 pm on Feb. 28th our dog Honey went into labor. :) She had her first puppy at 12:04 am on March 1st. She had a total of 5 puppies. 3 males and 2 females. They are gorgeous and all healthy :) Honey is a great mom as well! I'm so in love with them already. I suppose being there the entire time she was having them and helping her along the way. Then welcoming the little babies into the world would do that to anyone. :) On top of all of that I have been really busy with Church and our revival starts next week. We also begin our spring fundraiser which includes a spaghetti dinner and easter candy sell. We make Spaghetti Dinners for the Coal miners, and we make homemade easter suckers and chocolate easter eggs every year to help raise money for our church. I think it will be lots of fun, but lots of work .lol.

Thats all for now. I am so sleepy at the moment. night night :)

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