Sunday, August 14, 2011

Daily Junk: Stress!

On this day I was seriously stressing out about things going on in my life. I wanted to keep this page more for journaling because I had a good bit to say and I had decorated the previous page a good bit. I want to make sure to break up the book a little and not have a ton of the same types of pages together. I inked the edges of this page with teals and blues. I used dark blue ink and stamped the word stress. I took my handy crayola markers and drew the brackets and colored in the letters. I did an enormous amount of complaining, then made several labels with my dymo of some of the words in my journaling, just to break it up a little.

Luckily things are starting to calm down in the area's that I had talked about, and are slowly getting back to normal (whatever normal is ha!) It was good to be able to vent and be a little creative as well. I am really liking this whole art journal, junk journal experience! :)

Thanks for taking a peek! 

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