Sunday, August 14, 2011

Daily Junk: See ya Later

Just sharing another entry into my journal. I made this page because we found awesome homes for 3 of the dogs we rescued and on this particular day we said goodbye to them. It was a bittersweet moment and I am seriously missing them! I have always considered animals as part of my family, and no matter what you tell yourself about getting close to an animal, no matter how much you try to hold back, it will never happen. These guys are awesome dogs and will make wonderful pets to the families they went too but I do miss them so much!

For this page I used an 8x8 sheet of decorative paper and because the page was larger than 8x8 I edged the outside with black duct tape. On the top and bottom I used some polka dot trim and on the sides I used matching buttons to embellish and break up the harsh black. I later found a cute little saying from a magazine and I cut it out and paper clipped it to the page. In the center of the page I created a small flip book, and embellished it with a bone that I drew & cut out and some alphabet stickers. On the inside flap of the flip book I wrote a little about saying goodbye and I intend on putting a photo of each of the dogs on their own page (when I get ink for my printer, or print them at the store! LOL) Until then they remain blank. On the last page of the book I just stamped the date and a little message that I wrote out. That's pretty much the gist of it :)

Showing the first page of flip book & my journaling.
The last page of the flip book, and my journaling. 
Thanks for taking a peek! 

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