Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Zoey's Home!!!!

Prayer really does work! Sunday morning Tim woke up and as usual every morning walked the dogs to the door to let them out. When he opened the door, Zoey was sitting there waiting to be let in... just a waggin' her tail! He scooped her up and brought her running into the bedroom where I was still snoozing, and said "Look who was waiting to come in." I opened up one eye and as soon as I saw her I literally jumped up and screamed with joy! She jumped out of his arms and jumped in my lap... Once she had enough of my squeezing and loving... she ran straight to the food. LOL. It was such a great moment... I have never been more relieved! I have no clue where she went or what she has been through, but thankfully she was just dirty, cold and hungry. I gave her a nice bath, and she ate all she wanted and now she's my happy little Zoe Zoe again! I really wish you could talk to dog's or read their minds because I really want to know what she went through those two nights of being lost. Thanks everyone for your support and prayers! 
With Love,

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Mrs. Burroughs said...

Glad to hear that Zoey made it home safetly. I know you were so worried about her. :)