Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Isn't it Ironic?

This is my horoscope for today: Trust your heart to know who is being sincere and who may have an ulterior motive. Trust your heart to know that a choice you are now making based on emotion is just as valid as any. You should also trust your heart to lead you into something that other people might consider too uncertain - because you know what's best. The only time you will really need to trust your head over your heart today is when it comes to a money matter that has been causing you a headache for some time now. Once that's resolved, everything else will be a cakewalk.   

It's so ironic to me when my horoscope actually applies to my day. Today has been one of the oddest days I've had in a while. I mean it was a typical day but the conversations I had and decisions I made all goes into what my horoscope mentions. I had a long conversation with my sister about my father today.... this conversation led to another 3way conversation with my sister and my aunt on the same subject and some other family things. In the midst of my conversation with them my mother of all people calls me. So I click over to have a talk with her.... for her to tell me that my father requested her friendship on Facebook. How Ironic is that?!?! Fast forward a bit and I'm talking to my aunt and sis again... for my mother to call me back AGAIN (very very strange because I'm lucky to hear from her more than once every month or so) to tell me that she is sorry for my father. Wait, what?! Was the only reaction that I could muster.... She basically apologized for us having a deadbeat father... How is all of this coming up sooo randomly in the midst of a conversation I am literally in the middle of with my aunt and sister?! Is my phone bugged or something?! Shortly after all of these conversations, my father sends me a message and literally for the VERY FIRST TIME PEOPLE, APOLOGIZED to me. I was 12 years old when my parents divorced and he left... after almost 15 years, and in the middle of everything I just mentioned, he sends me this message.... I'm so very baffled! I spoke with my sister again tonight and said to her 'maybe its not a coincidence... maybe its supposed to be this way.' Thats the only thing I can think of... I mean, someone is trying to tell me something, they are literally trying to smack me in the face with it, I think. lol. How can it not be obvious?! 

I'm basically putting everything in my faith, closing my eyes and jumping into this head first. I believe in God, and I believe that God has a plan for each of us. I truly think someone's trying to tell me something, I'm listening for the first time, and it feels right. 

p.s. Another bit of irony... The song 'You Saved Me' by Kutless is playing in the background as I write this. 

I'll close for now while pondering the things that leave me scratching my head .lol. *scratch scratch*

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Anonymous said...

Everything happens for a reason. You know I truly believe that... so go with what feels right and allow God to lead you where he wants you in life. Let HIS will be done and everything will fall into place just as He has planned. Love ya! :)