Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

I know this is a bit early but since my hubby has to work Valentine's Day/Night we decided to celebrate early. We had a really nice weekend together, doing nothing too important. We did some shopping and went out to eat yesterday. Today we decided to go to Lowe's and purchase some paint and tile for some home renovations that we want to finally complete. When we made it home we decided to exchange gifts. I was soo anxious to do this because I spent A LOT of time on his gift and I just knew he was going to laugh so hard with it. He surprised me with this gorgeous bracelet! Its sooo pretty! I love the fact that it is gold, silver, AND bronze because I am not one who things if you have 1 gold ring, they all should be gold... or if you wear 1 piece of jewelry that is gold everything needs to also be gold. I like all kinds of jewelry... as you can tell from my rings that are in both silver and gold... It matches my personality and the XO's are just the added touch of love from him. I really adore it! Its actually the first bracelet he has ever gotten me... I think he was a bit nervous that I wouldn't like it. He's silly! Now on to his gift.. LOL... 

If this happens to insult or offend anyone then I apologize in advance. I am warning you that this gift is of an adult nature... its a gag gift. I took a great photo with him and his gift, and then even video'd him opening his gift, because I knew his reaction would be priceless.. here are both to share.

Thats right folks! Its a crocheted boobie pillow! LOL! If you know us, then you totally understand the hilarity in this gift (: Needless to say, he appreciated it and I am soooo glad!!!! (:

Here's the video:

Wishing everyone a happy, fun filled Valentine's day! 


Michael's Nana said...

real nice gifts! the firt thing that tim went for was the nipple! LOL

Have a great evening! ty for sharing!

Anonymous said...

The bracelet is very pretty! I'm glad you both had a nice V-day. :)