Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Blog & stuff...

I'm so sleepy! If I sound like a complete loon, please attempt to overlook it. LOL. I was up until almost 3 am because I couldn't sleep, then my hubby leaves for work at around 5:15 and wakes me up to say goodbye (his normal routine) and I just couldn't go back to sleep. My mind kept wandering, and I couldn't stop thinking of all the things I wanted to do today... My lifestyle changes that I am praying I will actually stick with... The things me and Tim need to do this weekend when he gets off... I even was looking around the room and thinking of how I could redecorate it! ACKK! So I just caved and got up. I hate when my mind races like that!

Me and my best friend Ginger decided that we both are going to give our best effort in changing our lifestyles to something healthier. We plan on dieting & exercising to reach goals that we both set. We then created a blog where we are going to share healthy recipes, our goals,accomplishments and fallbacks, as well as personal blogs through our journey. We want to keep each other motivated, so that we dont cave on it and we actually reach our goals to better, healthier lives. Its not going to be easy! If you want to follow along our journey and even help to support us, feel free to check out our blog at

On another note, the postal service stinks! LOL! We sent a package out almost 2 weeks ago. It will be 2 weeks on Saturday. To my sister who lives in California and she still has yet to receive it! It really drives me crazy at how slow things they can be... especially when you pay for priority mail thats SUPPOSED to be 2-4 days. UGH!

I finished re-reading Eclipse for the upcoming film. I can not wait until the movie comes out! I want to go to the midnight show but I know that it will be super hard for Tim since he has to leave for work at 5 am. Sooo I think we may go on the 1st after he gets off of work or something. I'm really glad I read the book again too because I completely forgot some very important moments in the story! It would have been too funny if I would have seen the movie and claimed that they added things and really they didn't.. it was in the story and I just didnt remember. I'd really feel like a smart person then. Haha! I'm hoping they keep to the story though and that they don't leave too much out. I know they can't include every little thing but still. I also think it will be very interesting to see how they mention Imprinting. Thats going to be a toughy!

Now I am reading 'The Last Song' by Nicholas Sparks. So far so good, but I haven't really gotten into the story yet. Only read the first couple of chapters.

I've added a couple of pretty cool items to the shop. Check them out at

Well I think thats all for now,
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