Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meet Albert....

Meet Albert the Betta Fish =) My hubby got him for me last weekend. He's such a pretty orange isnt he? He's goes perfectly in our Gator Room. Thats right, we have a Gator room. Not for alligators folks, but we are Florida Gators fans here and so we have a room decorated in orange & blue to show off our Gator pride =) His aquarium has a blue bottom and top and I even found orange and blue stones for the bottom of his aquarium! He's not a very skittish fish to be honest. Normally they swim away from you if you tap the glass etc. But Albert just stares at you LOL. If only fish could talk, I wonder what he would be saying to me. I can only imagine that its not nice! LMAO!

I bet you're wondering why his name is Albert??? Well.... FU's mascots name is Albert E. Gator =) Haha!

So not only have you gotten to meet my perty fish, but you learned a Florida fun fact! HA! Have a great day!

Later Gators,


Anonymous said...

Despite the reason for the name & the decorating of the poor fish's tank in blue & orange... nice to meet ya Al!! :)

Real Life Reslers said...

Awww he's a cutie!