Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The puppies are here! =)

I woke up to a really neat surprise this morning! Honey had her puppies. She had 3, 1 girl and 2 boys. The first picture is of the little girl and the other 2 are the boys. I love their little pink noses and feet! They are too cute! We were surprised that she only had 3 because she had 5 in her last liter and she looked larger this time so we were expecting more. In a way I'm happy that she only had 3 because now I can spoil them and find really good homes for them. We are also considering keeping the little girl. This is Honey's last liter because she's 6 years old and I think 2 liter's are enough. After she's weened the pups we will be getting her spade. I'd really like to keep the girl, I've had boys and I dont think I can handle that again. In my experience male pups are super stubborn and tough to potty train. I just had to share pics of them, they are just too cute! <3

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you!!! Next time she'll have seven!! :) Ha. J/K. They are too cute! How are they doing now? Going to post any new pix anytime soon??? :)