Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I love this yarn!

I thought I would take a quick second to post about this yarn that I absolutely LOVE. I went on a mini shopping spree this past weekend to hobby lobby and found some wonderful deals! I bought this particular yarn because it was super soft and I loved the color pattern!! The brand is I love this yarn and I think its sold only at Hobby Lobby, but I'm not 100% sure! The color is Jazz stripes. Its really cool, and I'm currently about 50% completed with a pot holder kitchen set that I'm crocheting with this yarn! Its really is super soft especially to be 100% acrylic. And the color pattern makes stripes when I crochet it which I love! I cant wait to finish the set so I can share how it looks! I think this brand is my new favorite brand for now!!

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm good to know! I'll keep this in mind when shopping at JoAnn's! :)