Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Art Quilt 4x4

I created this 4x4 for a swap in Artistic-Creations as well. Its called an Art Quilt, but instead of using fabrics I used paper because I have no clue how to sew and didnt even want to attempt the mess *lol* I can tell you now that would be a disaster! HAHA! So I used some need background paper I had laying around with a few die cuts of flowers and butterflies. I cut the background into 1 inch squares and glued them to a green sheet of cardstock. I then cut even smaller squares out of white cardstock and used those in the empty spaces of the pattern. I added a weird shaped heart design out of pink cardstock and edged everything in black ink. I then attached the flowers. The butterflies wings are actually 3-d I folded them up so that they looked like they were sitting on the flowers. But scanning them made them flat of course. It isnt the best, or most creative but I just wanted to try something different and challenge myself.

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