Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eco-Friendly Plarn Dish Scrubbies

Today I listed a new item in the shopThese are large dish scrubbies made from a mix of recycled plastic grocery bags (or plarn) and yarn. The center and the outer rim of the scrubby is made from plarn and is excellent for scrubby tough stains & stuck on food off of dishes. In between the plarn is a nice soft yarn perfect for washing and soft on the hands. The best part about these scrubbies are that they are reusable and washer/dryer safe, so they wont sour like icky bacteria ridden sponges and they help the environment by recycling those bags that clog our landfills! 

These particular scrubbies are made from brown bags and natural/earthy patterned yarn but they can be made in any colors!

Set of 2 for $3.00

As always thanks for taking a peek! 

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