Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A pretty good weekend

This past weekend was my nephew Michaels first birthday and he lives in North Carolina (where most of our family resides.) So we took a trip there so we could #1 celebrate Michaels 1st birthday at his party and #2 meet our niece Lexi for the first time!

Unfortunately my poor hubby had an accident at work on Thursday night resulting in a hospital stay and 5 bulging discs in his back! :( He was a trooper and didn't want to let his nephew down so we still took the trip. The drive down was ok until we hit the Virginia/North Carolina line and hit some CRAZY weather! It had me pretty freaked out! I hate heavy rain and not being able to see where we are going!

Just check out these crazy storm clouds! 
The party was Sunday morning and it was small but really fun. Michael was in a wonderful mood, and I was so happy to see him and spend time with him. He had a fascination with my locket and tried to make a snack of it a few times. LOL.

I was laughing at him because he wanted the camera. 

Tim's Parents with their grandson

My hubby with Michael

His totally cute cake!

He tried to get messy but he was more interested in the toys than
the actual cake lol. 
This guy was wandering around the park..

And Michael really enjoyed meeting him!

After the party we said goodbye to everyone there and headed to see my brother, sister in law, and baby niece Lexi. I was so excited to meet her for the first time! We didn't get the best pictures and folks I was looking rough by the time we got there! LOL. It was hot and I was tired, so please forgive my funkiness! ;)

Uncle Tim and Lexi

She's such a beautiful little girl, and her smile really makes the trip worth it!
I made Lexi a baby blanket shaped like a star in her nursery colors of pink, cream, and brown and her parents seemed to really like it. Our trip home was looong and tiring but I was sooo happily surprised when I was settled at home and sat down to check my email to find a beautiful picture of Lexi with her blanket! It really made me happy and surprised me in the best of ways!

I'm so glad everyone liked it :) I'm kinda proud of it! 

I finished a hat that I made for her and am working on a male version for my nephew. I will be selling these in my shop as well if anyone is interested! 

Minnie Mouse Beanie
Today I started a purple, white and black throw for my niece Clair and actually got a good bit of it finished... I will post pictures and everything soon. I need to work on a tutorial for the Exploding box I made for my mil for Mother's Day as well. My husband has been dealing with workman's comp and getting a work release from the doctors. Thats a big headache! The hospital referred him to a Neurologist and we called today for an appointment and they said they can't see him until June 9th. So now we are trying to find another doctor that can hopefully see him sooner and release him so he can go back to work, otherwise we are going to be in a BIG ko-ink-e-denk! Why do they always make things sooo difficult?! Other than that there's nothing much going on... I do have an important personal blog to post in a few about a situation that we recently went through, but thats another blog and I don't want to bring this one down much. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! 

All my love, 

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Anonymous said...

Let's try this one more time! :) You saw somecrazy skies & clouds! I'm glad you had a safe trip despite the weather! ;) It looks like you had a pretty decent time & took some great pix! :) I can't wait to go visit my family on the coast in a couple weeks. Should be fun! :)