Monday, May 16, 2011


Meet Lucky!

This little fellow is the newest rescue and addition to our family. He has been living in our woods behind the house and for weeks he would come around to visit with our other dogs but as soon as he saw or heard a human he would run away, scared for his life. We left out food for him and I never gave up trying to urge him to me. In a way Tim thought I was insane and was concerned for my safety. He was worried that the dog could be rabid or be too scared/nervous and turn on me.... but I never want to think of the negative when it comes to animals and I always give them the benefit of the doubt. Foolish, maybe... but I can't help it! A few days ago, Tim was leaving for work and the dog was sunning on our front porch, but this time instead of high tailing it to the woods he stayed shivering in fear. It was odd to both of us that he didn't run away like he normally does. We slowly approached him and I showed him that I was friendly and gained his trust so that he would come to me instead of me going to him. I think thats a lot of peoples mistakes when it comes to wild or stray animals. You can't forcefully approach a scared animal and pin it in a corner then expect it to remain calm. If you were trapped in a corner and scared for your life how would you react? Wouldn't you be defensive and fight for your life? I know that I would! Thats typically how animals react as well. Once he did come to me, I then let him smell me and then I slowly pet him on his head. Tim had to leave for work and he told me later that he knew seeing me with the dog when he was driving away that he would come home to a new roomie lol. Once Tim did leave I sat on the porch with the dog for several minutes just petting his head and then eventually he crawled into my lap and curled up. That was all it took for me really! I knew then that he was just scared, harmless, hungry and sort of "waving the white flag" to ask for help. He was sooo thin, and had pretty deep scarring on his ears and feet from injuries he must have gotten in the woods. I can only imagine what the poor guy has lived through!!! I immediately brought him in and bathed him, then I gave him wormer medicine as well as frontline to make sure he was pest free. Then I fed him a nice big bowl of food. Once he ate, he curled up on the couch and he's been my shadow ever since LOL! He's such a sweetheart and catches on soo quickly. Tim suggested that we call him Lucky and I agreed that it was a very suitable name for his situation and everything. I guess I'm a sucker guys, and its a really good thing that we have a big yard and lots of running room!! LOL. If I never have a child of my own, one things for certain, I will always have my furbabies!

Lucky sunning on the porch 

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Anonymous said...

How Sweet!! Oh my goodness i dont blame you for rescuing this cute furball!! He is so cute! I am a sucker for animals to and at first my husband and me would argue about it because i would pick up every homeless animal i saw but i cant help it when it comes to animals my heart is so big! Im so glad there are others like this in the world :)