Monday, February 7, 2011


Or should I count to 10 and back again? The annoying drama that happens in my family with certain individuals has really put a damper on a otherwise enjoyable weekend. I'm really tired of it all... basically (long story short)... my brother and his wife asked me and Tim to be their childs Godparents. We agreed... little did we know that Cheryl is Catholic and wanted to have a Catholic ceremony in the church for him. We discovered that to have it legit we have to be Catholic... which neither of us are. We are both Baptist. So I made it clear that it wouldn't work, well they basically took the title away from us, gave it to some other teenage yahoos and are posting all over facebook stuff about us backing out and how much they love the new godparents blah blah blah... basically throwing it in my face that they took that (something I valued very much) away from me. They are now claiming that I am the one that said I didnt want to be his Godmother and that it was basically all of my fault. Did I fail to mention that at the first chance for them to get mad about something, they decided to tell us it was a mistake to make us Godparents. Yeah that was the first tiffed we had... then this. We basically had a battle royale about the entire situation and I flat out decided that I'm over it. I will no longer have contact with them, and they can do what they want. My life has no room in it for drama and I'm not going to keep going through this crap all of the time. All I need to say is that they need to grow up and realize that they are not just hurting me in this process, but they are also hurting that little boy.



stephanie said...

I feel for you Andrea I do but you have to do what you have to do, and if its taking them out of your life then thats what you have to do. i'm sorry though because i know how this hurts you. just remember i'm always here for you and i love you

Michael's Nana said...

Andrea I am so sorry about opening my mouth last night, but I had to say something and I did not mention names or anything...I guess that she felt guilty! I had to say something cause it is hurting you and Tim! Which you are my family long enough since you were 14 y/o! and I love you like a daughter!
Let them do what they want to....they will regret it!

Anonymous said...

You said it all when you said they were immature. This is where all this negativity and rebelious nature comes from really. Neither of them are old enough to understand that you don't just pass a title around simply to take it away or use it as a threat/bargaining tool. I know you'll hate not seeing Adam but he'll know the truth some day one way or another.