Saturday, April 18, 2009

Twilight Fan

I'm another one of those older than they should be Twilight fanatics .lol. I was one of the only adults in the theatre the night Twilight opened in theatres. Go figure lol. But I dont mind. I read all of the series before I knew that there was going to be a movie. Of course by the time I found out there was going to be a movie.. I was already hooked! The stories that Stephenie Meyer has collaborated are so grasping. You get pulled in and I ended up wanting more.. sadly the serious is finished :( I loved the movie not as much as the books but I still loved it. With that said... being such a fan of both the books & the movies. I have decided to put together a blog dedicated to the saga of Edward and Bella. Its called Lion Luvs Lamb. (one of my favorite quotes in Twilight btw) The blog is already launched and there's a poll and a bunch of news/info about the next movie in the saga being filmed now.. New Moon. I want to update this blog frequently with news, artwork, thoughts/opinions, polls and other fun stuff! If you are a Twilighter please check it out and follow me.. perhaps leave a few comments etc. I would love for this blog to be active with followers, comments and discussions ;)
Hope to see you there!

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