Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chuckles Wednesday

I love a good joke and every now and then I love to share the jokes that I receive through email or that I hear around, just to give someone else a smile and maybe lighten their day a bit. So I thought each Wednesday I would post a joke here and call it Chuckle's Wednesday. ;) I hope you get a laugh out of these jokes :)


A social worker from a big City in Massachusetts recently transferred to the Mountains of West Virginia and was on the first tour of her new territory when she came upon the tiniest cabin she had ever seen in her life.

Intrigued, she went up and knocked on the door.

'Anybody home?' she asked.
'Yep,' came a kid's voice through the door.
'Is your father there?' asked the social worker.
'Pa? Nope, he left afore Ma came in,' said the kid.
'Well, is your mother there?' persisted the social worker.
'Ma? Nope, she left just before I got here,' said the kid.
'But,' protested the social worker, 'are you never together as a family?'
'Sure, but not here,' said the kid through the door.
'This is the Outhouse!' (Government workers are so smart)

T-G-I-F ~vs~ S-H-I-T

A business man got on an elevator. When he entered, there wasa blonde already inside who greeted him with a bright,'T-G-I-F.'He smiled at her and replied, 'S-H-I-T.'
She looked puzzled and repeated, 'T-G-I-F,' more slowly.He again answered, 'S-H-I-T.'
The blonde was trying to keep it friendly, so she smiled her biggest smile and said as sweetly as possible, 'T-G-I-F.'
The man smiled back to her and once again, 'S-H-I-T.'
The exasperated blonde finally decided to explain....'T-G-I-F' means 'Thank Goodness It'sFriday.' Get it, Duuhhh?'
The man answered, ''S-H-I-T' means 'Sorry, Honey, It's Thursday -- Duuhhh!'

And finally the Funny Pic of the day.....

"I'm NOT smelling THOSE!"

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