Sunday, March 15, 2009

::sigh:: a bit of annoyance

I discovered this week that I can not use 'Almost Heaven Studios' as my shop name because West Virginia's slogan is 'Almost Heaven West Virginia'... who knew that it would be an issue! ::SIGH:: I'm actually super annoyed with this because I really liked the name and my logo's and everything. So I decided to change the name to Hillside Studios. I think this fits perfectly because my studio and home are on a hillside and its my favorite place to be. With that said...
Yesterday I sat down and created my new logo/sign. I used sharpee's and watercolor paints. :) I actually really enjoy the way it turned out. After alot of research and things I have discovered that this name is available .lol. so it wont be changing .lol *crosses fingers*. Its just such a headache and alot of paperwork and things to go through. BLEH!



Jeanette said...


Some things are such a bother! I like the new name and the logo is fantastic.

Your pets look so sweet and the pup is adorable. I'm sorry to see that you just lost Diesel. My Pamela just passed recently also. She could have been Sheeba's twin sister.


Nancy Maxwell James said...

love your logo and I am sorry you went through all that headache - but the name you selected is awesome!