Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Go Green" from PAMC

Sara, one of the DT members over at PAMC hosted this week's challenge "Go Green".... you can use anything green or recycle items to make new creations. -> I LOVED THIS CHALLENGE! <- To participate you can visit PAMC's Group & Join or Visit PAMC's Blog and link your creations in the comments section like most challenge blogs.

Does anyone remember Bill Nye the Science Guy? I used to looove watching his show and was just amazed at the things I learned. It was so entertaining but so educational! Well the other day while wandering through good ol' Walmart with my hubby by my side. I spotted Bill Nye on a bright blue and orange box. I stopped to look at it... it was an education craft kit on how to make you own paper from recycling paper scraps! AWESOME! So of course I couldn't help myself and decided to purchase the kit. It was only $15. Tim of course thought I was insane and chuckled at me, but I just ignore that .lol. eh, what can you say. lol.

This is the kit that I purchased just incase anyone is interested.

I thought this challenge was the perfect chance for me to use my kit! So I got it out and used some old scrap pieces of paper in green that I had and started the process. I made 3 sheets of green recycled paper with the kit. This is how they looked when I was finished.

They were really wet at this stage... and you are supposed to wait 24 hours before you use the paper so that it can dry.. but i'm impatient lol. So I got out my dryer and went to work drying the paper. .chuckles.

This is how the paper looked when it was dry....

It was really fun to use this kit and it actually did work! Once I had my recycled paper made. I went to work on my ATC for the project. I always try to recycle boxes, like cereal boxes, and other kinds of boxes that food may come in and etc. I cut the boxes up for sturdy backings for my atc's, arches, and other creations. It gives you a sturdy backing, and helps the environment!

Today I used one cut from a popcorn box.

After getting together my vintage image, stamps, needle,thread, button, word stickers, colord pencils,markers, and my homemade background paper I started essembling my ATC..... and... whalah!

There's alot going on with this ATC. I used my colored pencils to color the vintage image I used. She was a boring black and white, so I had to spruce it up a little & attached it to my background. Next I edged the word stickers I chose w/ my green marker & attached them. Next I stamped a heart image with Hunter Green ink & a heart stamp from Studio G onto cardstock. I cut it out and attached it. The next step was really time consuming! On the right hand side of the ATC I took Green floss and stitched down the side. I sewed on my green button with white thread and then sewed french knots into the spots of the heart. I wish you could see the 3d effect it all made a little better w/ the picture. sighs. The final step was edging the entire card w/ green marker.

[Note of advice: if you make homemade paper like I created... ink & markers run through the paper if you do not use plain gelatin in your mix. Not sure why but its a pain to discover @ the end of a project .lol]

Again it was lots of fun to participate. I loved seeing all the other creations from the DT members! Check them out at the group or the blog! They are fantastic! We are really hoping that the group & blog will flourish. We are all having tons of fun!

On another note, I found out this morning that I got the job I interviewed for a few weeks back! Yay! Im super excited and start tomorrow at 10 am! Wish me luck guys! Hoping everyone had a blast on St. Patty's Day!

With love,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the job! :) And, for a beautiful way of explaining how to create handmade papers! :) I have always admired them from what I have seen of others' who create them, but I think people who stop by your blog will find the infomation both useful and easy to follow! :) Your ATC came out brilliantly, by the way! :) Love that style! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW- totally incredible Andrea! I love Bill!!!


Anonymous said...

Is it me, or is this background making the blog a bit harder to read!? If its just me, don't pay any mind to what I've just said! I just thought I best let you know, that the colours are blending together a bit... the darker shades you were using seemed to offset everything and keep things easier to read & view. :)

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason your PAMC blog isn't set for anon comments!?