Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thaw Out- NOT!

So I think I spoke before I should have about thawing out .lol. Its snowing here again. Last night it was snowing but we only had about 2 inches and this morning when I woke and looked out there was about 6 inches, and its still coming down. I had a First Place meeting at church last night and it was snowing but not too bad. I drove down and everything was ok, until I got out of the car in the parking lot at the church and then I was slip sliding everywhere! When we came out of our meeting it was coming down hard and the roads were getting slushy. So I was worried but I took my chances on getting home and drove up our drive. Luckily it wasnt too bad yet. Thankfully Tim's truck is 4 wheel drive so he's ok, but he still parks at the end of our drive and walks up because he doesnt want to chance it. I'm glad I dont have anywhere to drive today. lol.

Tonight we have church but I honestly think it will be canceled because its snowed a ton more since last night and I know its going to be dangerous for older folks and kids to walk in the parking lot tonight if it was last night. Im sure no one wants any one to get injured. I'm hoping the road crews come and take care of our drive tonight. They've been stopping and taking care of it for us because we do have a street sign and its paved so its technically a private road... Im thankful for that! We still walk because we dont trust the incline and the black ice but its so much easier for the walk when we dont have to crunch through a foot of snow and we know where we are putting our feet .lol.

These are just a couple of pictures that I took this morning and wanted to share. :)

[This is the view from our porch]

[And this is the icicles hanging from our porch. I took this picture so that you could see how big and long they are!]

Wishing everyone a blessed day. I'm going to totally revamp my studio today. I think I may even paint a mural as well :) yay! I'll share pics soon!

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