Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thawing Out... sort of

Today was the first sunny day we have had in at least a week. So we did get to thaw out a little today. I took this picture of our driveway this afternoon. In 36 hours we had some crazy weather. We were under a winter weather advisory for ice/freezing rain/snow then it changed to a flood warning and we had tons of rain and then it changed back to ice/freezing rain/snow! Eesh. The ice developed on our driveway in those 36 hours and was as you can see about a 2 inch thick solid sheet of ice. It was pretty much our entire yard and driveway like that. We have to park at the end of our very long and steep driveway and hike up & down it to get to our car. It was really difficult with the ice instead of snow. Very difficult! Luckily it was sunny enough for it to thaw at least on the drive and we could drive up and down it. It looks like we are going to be getting another batch of snow however either this weekend or by Monday. Dont get me wrong I love snow and the colder weather. But I really dread the amounts we have been getting and all of the ice. The ice is the horrible part. How is everyone else's weather?

Just thought I would randomly blog about the weather lol. not sure why lol.

have a great weekend all!

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AmAndApAndA said...

Awesome... I am so glad you are already thawing... hopefully for the final time this year! LOL