Sunday, November 23, 2008

about the fall bizarre...

I have been feeling really lousy over the past week with a nasty cold that has decided to take my voice now... *sighs* so I am just now getting to blogging about the Bizarre we had at our church. The picture is of all the craft items I created for the bizarre to help raise money for the church. We did really well with the bizarre and hot dog dinner sale. We raised over $800! WHOOPEE! We were all so excited and proud about that fact. We have just enough for our Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for the families in our community that need a little help this year! YAY! All of my items sold except for the picture frame and the red snowman, but thats okay :) I am putting the picture frame up for grabs in my shop but I decided to keep the Snowman hee hee! Thanks everyone for their words of encouragement and everything about the bizarre and the kind words about my creations!

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