Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fear (a chunky book creation)

I was rummaging around Hobby Lobby a few weeks back and saw these nifty book kits that I really liked alot BUT I was disheartened because they werent in a theme I nescessarily wanted. The pages are made from Chipboard and are cut into letters that are bound and spell out what ever word.. these books they had were for the christmas and a baby. So I thought... what if I go home and try my hand at making one with a word that I could use.... So since Halloween is right around the corner I thought I would make one for that occassion just for fun as a neat keepsake and my first attempt at this project. I havent taken pictures of the book completed because I am still working on a few pages... But I did take pictures of the pages that I have completed and I thought I would share. The pages are made from Chipboard and then covered with my embellishments front and back... etc. They are bound together by sewing.

Here are the pages I have completed so far:

I would have to say that my favorite page so far is probably a tie between the front cover and the Dia De Los Muertos page that I completed today. I still have 3 more pages to complete in the book and then the remaining binding and embellishments and I'll be complete. I just thought I would share what i've done so far because Im so excited about it. I'll update with the finished product very soon! Doesnt it put you in the spooky spirit?

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Lori McDonough said...

LOVE this! My fave is the Dia De Los Muertos one, too! You are so creative!!! I might have to give one of these a try, too. Thanks for the inspiration...and...LOVE the new blog design!