Friday, August 15, 2008


This was shared with me in an art group, and I wanted to share it with all of my art friends....

a.. Art Is...Saying a little prayer for me...
This Prayer Flag swap is open to anyone who wants to share a prayer, a blessing, a thought with another. It will be a four for three swap. The fourth flag will be joined into a banner and auctioned for Breast Cancer. Stacey Apeitos has kindly shared this link for the challenge - Prayer Flags.

If you can not attend Art Is... and wish to participate, please send your prayer flags by October 1, 2008 and include $5:00 and address label for return shipping.

b.. Art Is...Walk a Day in My Shoes
Find a shoe (visit your local op shop). Cover it in paper, paint, beads, words, fiber, trim - nothing is off limits! Then in 100 words or less, tell us who this shoe/s belongs to and why.

Please include $5:00 and address label for return shipping. If you would like to swap your shoe with another, please indicate this.

All shoes will be photographed and published with their stories into a once off Zine to raise money for the Breast Form Fund. Contributions should be received by October 1, 2008.

c.. Art Is...Comfort Dolls from Our Community
Comfort Dolls from Our Community is a local charitable organization dedicated to helping children and young adults by distributing hand-made dolls to those individuals who have been involved in crisis situations. Dolls are sent across the USA and around the world - anywhere where there is a child or young adult in need of comfort.

Please consider bringing to Art Is...2008 or sending to us, one or two dolls for collection.Any handmade doll whether made from cloth, clay, porcelain, wood etc will be accepted.

We will photograph all dolls and contributors will receive a small zine with all dolls recorded. If mailing your contribution to us, please include your full contact details. Contributions should be received by October 1, 2008.

d.. Art Is...Home Free
This is a challenge with a twist!

We challenge our Teachers...
We challenge our Blogging friends...
We challenge our Yahoo Group friends...
We challenge our Sponsors...
We challenge You...

These homes are ready to be altered and then auctioned. Proceeds will be split between your group's chosen charity and The Breast Form Fund. For full details, please contact us.

We encourage you to follow the suggestion of the Yarn Goddess and support ART NOW for Autism, by making a pin. Join Cloth Paper Studio Yahoo Group to post your contribution.

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