Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Maxwell Challenge

I recently joined a group called Paper Imagery Designs, and this is my first week there. I am really loving the group... everyone is super created, talented, and friendly! There is a challenge this week called the Maxwell Challenge.... basically everyone takes the vintage image that is shared of a man named Maxwell and they creatively and humorously create an item showing what Maxwell is up to. The entry's are due today and I just HAD to participate because it sounded like so much fun! I thought I would share my creation.. its a Gothic Arch of course, and I drew Maxwell in comical swimming gear :) I had a lot of fun with him as you can tell! I used a green polka dotted scrapbook sheet as the main background... but I then took some scrap punchinella, placed it on my arch and colored over it using different colored crayons. When I got the colors the way I wanted them. I took my scissors and I gently scrapped the excess wax from the paper to give it a less shiny/waxy look and a more subtle flat look. I added some random flourishes using black ink and a flourish stamp. I cut out Maxwell and edge him with black ink then attached him to the arch. Next I took white cardstock and stamped Fun in the Sun with black ink. Then outlined each letter using neon colored Gel pens. I used orange, yellow, green, pink, and blue. I tore out the words and edged with black ink again. I attached them to the arch, and then edged the entire outside of the arch with black ink as well. The final step was to attach the neon plastic half marbles I had lying around... and Wha-lah! Maxwells having fun in the sun! *lol* =}

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