Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Top Tens

Current Fave TV Shows:
  1. Grey's Anatomy
  2. America's Got Talent
  3. Operation Repo
  4. Ghost Adventures
  5. Teen Mom
  6. Criminal Minds
  7. King of Queens
  8. Steve Wilkos Show
  9. Pawn Stars
  10. Melissa and Joey
Current Favorite Songs:
  1. I Smile by Kirk Franklin
  2. Nobody Knows by The Tony Rich Project
  3. Realize by Colbie Caillat
  4. Moving On by Rascal Flatts
  5. Acoustic #3 by Goo Goo Dolls
  6. What are Words by Chris Medina
  7. You & Me by Dave Matthews Band
  8. Permanent by David Cook
  9. Hello World by Lady Antebellum
  10. Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
Current Daily Must Haves:
  1. A hug & kiss from my hubby followed by the words 'I Love You'
  2. Pandora
  3. a chat with my bestie: Ginger
  4. Sweet Tea, Coke, or Dr. Pepper
  5. facebook (of course)
  6. crocheting
  7. Cleanliness brought to you by a nice hot shower.
  8. makeup & a hair brush lol
  9. food of some sort
  10. My journal
Current Words/Phrases I (over)USE:
  1. I Know, Right?!
  2. Seriously?
  3. What the Hell?
  4. Its too damn hot!
  5. LOL
  6. NIICE!
  7. I cant wait!
  8. I dont know what to do
  9. LIKE
  10. UGH!
Current Worries or Things on My Mind:
  1. How to get the rent paid in an (un)timely manner/short notice because we have a landlord who is very insensitive & really hard to work with! And worrying if we are going to get evicted b/c she is so horrible!
  2. Saving and getting packed for our move.
  3. How to find homes for these animals.
  4. Tim's, Uncle Dale's health... he's in the CCI because he had a massive heart attack and is on life support.
  5. My besties Mom's health because she's in the hospital for testing do to circulation in her legs :(
  6. Losing weight and getting healthy (a constant struggle)
  7. If my hubby is having a decent first day back to work, and if his back is bothering him anymore.
  8. How we are going to make it these next few weeks until Tim gets paid again (thanks to the dragon bitch)
  9. How much I really hate it here and want to be near my family and friends again w/ a new fresh start.
  10. How I need to be getting the motivation to get this dern custom order finished for a customer.
Current Chores / Tasks I Need to Get Done:
  1. I need to start packing
  2. I need to finish this order
  3. I need to vacuum.
  4. I need to journal.
  5. I need to wash the dishes.
  6. I need to finish reading '2nd Chance' by James Patterson
  7. I need to take the dogs out before bed.
  8. I need to finish the crochet afghan I've been working on forever
  9. I need to get the yard mowed.
  10. I need to give the dogs a bath.
Current Topics I'm Sick of Hearing about on News / Reading about Online:
  1. Casey Anthony Trial/Verdict
  2. Amy Winehouse
  3. Recession
  4. Weight Loss & how its so great to be thin!
  5. Whether football will be around this season or not
  6. This horrible heat wave/ summer we are in the middle of!
  7. How terrible coal mining is and how its so destruction.
  8. How broke we all are!
  9. How the end is near... 2012 (tired of everyone's crazy predictions, only the Good Lord knows!)
  10. The Norway Attacks

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Anonymous said...

Awesome lists!! Can you believe I forgot Ghost Adventures for a fave tv show?! Crazy.