Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Crochet Buddy & new creations....

Lucky is my new crochet buddy! LOL. He sits and guards my yarn ball for me while I work on my projects and hubby snapped this picture today. He's just too cute! We have gotten so attached to one another in just a few weeks! He follows me around like a shadow and when I come home he dances with excitement to see me. I'm sooo glad that he finally came to me and that we were happy to doctor him up, clean him, and give him the love and attention that he totally deserves! He's such a wonderful addition to my family, and I couldn't imagine him not being here now. Its so weird how attached to an animal you can get, and how loyal they really are. I just had to share this adorable picture. Now on to the crafty goodness.. hee hee!

Last night I completed and listed this new addition to my shop. Its a crocheted reusable swiffer pad! Those refills from the store are so pricey and annoying. They hardly last any time, especially with kids or pets! So I made this reusable pad that is 100% durable, and washable. A simple solution to help save the environment and the wallet! Just slip it on, clean your floors like usual and when you are finished pull it off and pop it in your wash. Easy Peasy! The grooves crocheted in these pads are great for picking up dirt and grim, so you're sure to come out with super clean floors! If you're interested in purchasing please visit my shop.

I also created this crocheted bookmark, kind of as a mistake lol. I was teaching a ustream class on simple crochet for beginners and the pieces I created in the class created this super cute bookmark! It was pretty ironic actually. I taught how to crochet simple stitches for the swatch and then I taught how to crochet a simple flower. When the class was over I had the two pieces left and thought 'heck why not' and just attached them together with a cute button and wa-lah! I love the color combo, don't you? One of my favorites! I will be posting this bookmark for sale in my shop this evening as well for anyone interested. And you can check out the class by clicking here!

As always thanks so much for taking a peek! Have a great night! 

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Anonymous said...

I love that bookmark!! Its beautiful and OMG i had no idea that was what you meant as a swiffer cover when you told me earlier i didnt say much about it cause i didnt want to look stupid by not knowing what you meant ROFL wow girl you are so talented!!!!