Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Granny Square Frenzy

I've been hooked on crocheting granny squares this week :) I'm having a good time with it too! We are doing a 6x6 granny square swap each month in Craft Basics and I'm also working on a few different patterns for blankets and such I am working on so I wanted to share what I've made this week so far :)

I made this square for my friend Brandy and I also made
me one for the friendship blanket I am making
out of the 6x6 squares that I am exchanging with everyone :)

This was a beautiful pattern I found on ravelry HERE...
I wanted to try it for my 6x6 square exchange but
when I was finished making it, it was 12 inches LOL!
So I'll probably end up making it into a pillow
or something, but I do love the pattern there's so many
color scheme possibilities with it & its so simple!

I crocheted this double layered flower
from some Sugar n Cream Cotton yarn

Then crocheted this 6x6 square using THIS 
pattern and the same yarn as the flower.

Then attached them for one really awesome square!
The colors make me think of the desert
w/ a sort of Native American or Mexican feel.... 

I will most likely be starting a granny square messenger bag tonight that me and Brandy are crocheting-a-long with. I think it'll be fun to share our progress and help each other too, plus we are doing the same bag but with different colors and things so it'll be interesting to see how each of our's turns out in the end. I'll be sure to share :) I have so many projects I want to work on... I need to actually finish one LOL. Maybe just maybe I can start and finish the messenger bag :) I'm just trying to have fun and take my time with the granny square afghans doing a little here and a little there.

As always thanks so much for taking a peek! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

I love your squares!! I cant wait to get mine :) I love the flower one!! That is so cute and would look so pretty on a blanket!!

Michele said...

Very nice! I haven't yet attempted a granny square....maybe I'll look through my granny square book and see if one looks easy enough for me.

Real Life Reslers said...

I think it's actually letting me leave comments now...yay!

Uhooi said...

Wow,, It works very nice, beautiful and creative,,