Friday, May 6, 2011

A beautiful day...

It was a gorgeous day today. I am sooo glad to see the sun shining and it was sooo beautiful. Has anyone ever noticed that the sky is so much bluer and everythings so much more brilliant after a storm or rain? It seems like it rains all the time lately and today was the first day in a week that we have not had a cloud in the sky. YAY! I just wanted to share some photos and a small video I made of the views from my front porch.

Everyone in our community and us call our home the house on the hill... because we are the only house on the hill overlooking all of the other homes. Our home is set in the woods and we have a long driveway that goes up the hillside through the woods. Its beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall... but a pain in the winter. Especially this past winter! We had so much snow and our driveway is so steep that its treacherous to try and drive up it in the snow. Soo we have to park at the bottom of the drive and hike up. NOT fun! Especially when we have groceries etc. Talk about a work out. On the bright side... 3/4's of the year its beautiful and so peaceful. I love the solitude, the views, and most of all nature! I just wanted to share!

This is the view from our front porch. Its absolutely beautiful. I love seeing the
mountains out of our living room windows. I love the way the colors are so vibrant. :)
Love this picture of the leaves :) 

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend! =)

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