Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Would you rather Wednesdays... Sumo vs jock strap!

My bestie Ginger is hosting a blog hop each week called Would you rather Wednesday based on the twisted board game.

How it works: Basically she asks a question that begins with Would you Rather and you have to blog your answer... and remember NEITHER is not an option! Once your blog is posted come back here and at the bottom of this blog posting click the Click Here to Enter link and add your info...

Here's this week's crazy question:

Would you rather sponge bathe a Sumo wrestler -OR- hand wash 150 dirty sweaty jockstraps?

My Answer: Honestly this is gross on both parts! Either one would definitely involve gloves.. just saying! I think however I would choose the Sumo wrestler because 150 jockstraps would take FOREVER to wash and I'm not interested in dealing with something that takes that long and is THAT gross. At least cleaning the Sumo wrestler would be much quicker. And AGAIN I would definitely be using gloves because there was no rule mentioned that goes against that! HAHAHA! =P

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